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Vision, Mission, Institutional and Strategic Goals

Vision, Mission, Institutional and Strategic Goals


Middlesex County College puts learning first and measures its success only by the success of its students. All members of the College community contribute to student success.


The mission of Middlesex County College is to provide access to an affordable, quality education for diverse students and to promote lifelong learning opportunities to strengthen the economic, social and cultural life of the community.


  • To provide an excellent education to students pursuing professional, academic and/or personal goals.
  • To foster knowledge, encourage self-awareness and support personal and intellectual growth while stimulating lifelong learning.
  • To work collaboratively with private, public and corporate groups to respond to the changing needs of the community.
  • To offer access to education and resources that enrich the quality of life for the community.
  • To provide a variety of learning experiences to promote success.


  • Expand and modify educational offerings to meet the changing needs of the job market/industry and the increasing non-traditional student population.
  • Explore, identify and implement different timelines; delivery approaches and teaching modalities to provide students with the educational background and skills they need in a timely, flexible fashion.
  • Provide quality educational experiences that meet the changing needs of all facets of the community.
  • Increase educational options that make students marketable and relevant with an emphasis on reducing time to completion.
  • Increase educational opportunities for high school students to obtain academic credit at this institution.
  • Reduce traditional barriers to students' attaining their educational goals.
  • Provide a physical and virtual environment that supports changing student needs.
  • Provide a physical and virtual environment that assists all employees in meeting the needs of the campus community.
  • Provide a physical and virtual environment that invites community involvement.
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