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CampusCruiser / WebAdvisor

CampusCruiser / WebAdvisor

CampusCruiser / WebAdvisor is the online portal available to all students, faculty and staff at Middlesex County College. CampusCruiser / WebAdvisor allows students to access both general and personalized College-related services from the internet. Services are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day except during scheduled maintenance. Some of the features of CampusCruiser / WebAdvisor include: weather-related closings, the emergency notification system, schedules, grades, transcripts and financial aid information. Students may also register for classes and pay tuition bills online. Other features are: e-mail, calendars, national and school news, sports, web pages, chat and message boards, course listings & descriptions and specific class information including syllabi, assignments, resources and links. Students must access their grades online through CampusCruiser / WebAdvisor. Grade reports are not mailed. Official grade reports/transcripts may be ordered at the Office of the Registrar. See “Transcripts” under Academic Standards and Regulations.

All official communication with students containing personal information will be conducted using the FERPA guidelines. Students will be responsible for checking their official college provided CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor email regularly and maintaining the security of that address. Anyone who needs more information about CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor, please e-mail Cruiser_Help@portal.middlesexcc.edu or call 732.906.2616 during business hours.

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