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Honors Program

The Honors Program offers curricula that are innovative, interdisciplinary, and appropriate for advanced learners, with an emphasis on stimulating and participatory course work, experiential and service learning activities, and the effective use of primary sources for research. Honors students will develop advanced communication, reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

The Honors Program is designed to be flexible and easily accessible to those students who excel and thrive in stimulating academic environments. Students who participate in the Honors Program experience can choose from one of three options: Departmental Honors, Divisional Honors, or the Full Honors Program.

Benefits of an MCC Honors course include small class size, field trips and research opportunities, guest lecturers, access to a private study and lounge area, and priority registration guidance from Honors advisors.

Honors students will be seriously considered and / or have automatic eligibility for several MCC merit-based scholarship/ tuition credit opportunities.

Honors students will be recognized for their achievement through Honors course designation on their transcripts which will make them more competitive in the transfer process.

Honors students will receive additional recognition at graduation. For more information, call 732.906.2591.

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