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Skill Assessment and Placement

Skill Assessment and Placement

Middlesex County College believes appropriate skills assessment and placement in all basic learning areas is vital to student success in every course offered at the College. In addition, each class experience is enhanced by the enrollment of prepared students.

The College’s placement test, ACCUPLACER, is given to determine skill levels and to help place students in appropriate courses. All full-time students must be assessed in reading, writing and mathematics prior to enrolling for their first semester of study. Part-time non-degree students are allowed to attempt 11 credits over multiple semesters prior to taking the placement test. No one may enroll in English or mathematics courses or any course that requires reading, English or mathematics courses as prerequisites without completing the placement test or being granted an exemption from the placement test.

Students whose native language is not English must take the English as a Second Language placement test, which includes an interview. At that time, students will be placed in English as a Second Language courses or directed to take the College placement test.

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