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Office of School Relations

Office of School Relations

The Office of School Relations is the College’s liaison to the K-12 school districts. Middlesex County College provides academic and career development programs for students and professional development workshops for teachers. For middle and high school students, the Office of School Relations offers academic enrichment and career exploration programs such as High School Scholars, Algebra Summer Institute, Biotechnology Summer Institute, and GATEway, a summer program for academically gifted students who have completed eighth or ninth grade.

For teachers, professional development opportunities include in-district customized workshops to meet the needs of local schools, on-campus workshops to increase content knowledge and assist in the integration of the Common Core Standards, and summer institutes for Advanced Placement teachers.

For those interested in becoming a teacher, School Relations offers the New Pathways to Teaching in NJ (NPTNJ) program. New Pathways takes teacher candidates through the process of certification and includes ‘Introduction to the Teaching Profession: 24-Hour Course’ required by the NJ Department of Education in order to receive a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) to teach grades K-12. Once teacher candidates receive a CE, New Pathways offers the 200-hours of study required of all alternate route teachers.

For information on any of the programs listed, please call 732.906.2554 or visit the college website under K-12 Community.

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