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Grading System

Grading System

Grading System Information

Credit Equivalent

Credit equivalent is a term used to calculate cost, determine student status, and indicate a comparable level of class time and/or workload for developmental education courses. Credit equivalent courses are indicated on the transcript with a “Q” preceding the assigned grade. Credit equivalent courses count in the term GPA but not the cumulative GPA.

Grade Changes - Time Limit

Grade changes should be made as soon as the error is detected or an appeal is granted. All approved grade changes must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar within one year of the original grade assignment.

Repeated Courses

Students must file a written appeal with the Academic Advising Center, located in Chambers Hall, to repeat a course more than three times. Students may repeat any course regardless of the grade first received. If the course number or title has changed, students must submit a student appeal to the academic division dean first requesting that an equivalent course be approved. Any grades assigned including “F” or “W” constitute enrollment in a course. All previous courses will remain on record. Only the highest grade will count in the average, regardless of the number of times the course has been taken. The recalculation of the grade point average occurs automatically after grades are posted to the transcript at the close of each semester. Courses completed at another institution will not be eligible for such a grade point average recalculation. Credit by Examination may be used in lieu of repeating a course. Nursing students should contact the academic dean for an explanation of the repeat policy pertaining to their program. Students transferring to another college are advised that every institution has its own policy regarding repeated courses and the calculation of the cumulative grade point average. Other colleges may not apply Middlesex County College’s policy when calculating the student’s GPA for admissions purposes.

Grade Point Average Calculation

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