Student Health Services

Student Health Services

Student Health Services is located in the Joan Weill Student Center, down stairs, room 003, just past the student mail boxes. During the Fall and Spring Semesters, the office of Student Health Services is staffed by a Registered Nurse.

Basic clinic hours are:

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

The clinic is walk-in, with students being seen on a first come, first serve basis. The nurse reserves the right to use professional judgment to adjust the order that students are seen in as it becomes necessary. All students are triaged first by the nurse. After triage and/or treatment, the nurse will decide if an appointment is necessary with the Physician or Physician Assistant.

A Physician or Physician Assistant, from Medical Associates in Saranac Lake, New York, is available on campus two hours, three days a week. Basic Doctor hours are:

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Students are encouraged to visit Student Health Services if they become ill, sustain an injury, or would like to discuss any health related concern(s).

Some of the services that are offered at Student Health Services are:

  • Basic assessment and treatment options
  • Blood pressure screening/tracking
  • Reproductive health care needs
  • Basic OTC medications and supportive devices
  • Allergy serum administration
  • Immunizations: Hep A/Hep B/Influenza/Meningitis
  • Rapid tests: Mono/Strep/Influenza/Pregnancy/Urinalysis
  • Prescription processing
  • Emergency contraception
  • Nebulizer treatment
  • Tuberculosis screening and treatment
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy/Tobacco cessation counseling
  • Vision testing
  • Glucose testing
  • Confidential HIV and STD testing and counseling
  • Sports physicals
  • Coordination of care with other specialty offices and/or hometown practitioners

There is no out of pocket cost to the student for seeing the nurse or the medical representative at Student Health Services. However, there are certain items or services that may have a cost to them. Any additional fee encored by the student, at Student Health Service, will be placed on the student’s account as an "infirmary charge". These charges will vary. Some examples of what may add an infirmary charge are:

  • Immunizations
  • Rapid tests
  • Prescription co-pay
  • OTC medication
  • Supportive devices

Prescription medications can be ordered for the student by our medical representative, or Student Health Services is happy to assist the student with processing any prescription given to them by their hometown practitioner. Prescriptions are billed to insurance by the pharmacy and the co-pays are placed on the student’s account as an "infirmary charge". Students are advised to come in for a refill when they have at least 3-5 days of medications left to ensure they do not run out before a refill is obtained. Additionally, this allows time to schedule to see our medical representative should refills be out and a prescription renewal is necessary.

As an added convenience, prescription medication is delivered to Student Health Services each afternoon, Monday thru Friday, from the Post Office Pharmacy, in Saranac Lake. The prescription is placed in the student’s mail box usually around 5pm. Student Health Services is not responsible if a student opts not to pick up their prescription. It will not be returned to the pharmacy. It will be disposed of by the end of the semester if left in their mail box. The charge to their account will remain, regardless.

**A reminder to all: Students are responsible for keeping controlled medications in a secure place.

For any on campus emergency, Campus Safety (518-327-6300) is to be called. They will be the first responder and liaison to either Student Health Services or will call for an ambulance if necessary. It is important to note that a student may refuse ambulance service. The fee is not covered by the college and will be billed to the student or their insurance by the ambulance service. There is no official transportation provided by Paul Smith’s College at this time. However, a POV may be used.

Ambulance services to Paul Smith’s College are provided by the Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire/Rescue Department. All transports via ambulance are to the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake. Please be aware that resources are limited in this small geographical area. Ambulance service should be used only for emergencies. All other health care concerns should be directed to Student Health Services during normal clinic hours.

If a student feels they cannot safely get to Student Health Services, they may call Campus Safety (518-327-6300) and transportation will be provided. (Campus Safety will only provide campus transportation of students in need). If any significant injury is sustained while on campus, the student is expected to report to Student Health Services, as soon as possible to be evaluated and to complete an incident report. This includes students who are injured during a sporting event or practice.

Students are expected to arrange for their own transportation for any off campus appointments, such as: dental, doctor, physical therapy, optometrist, or psychiatrist. Paul Smith’s College does not provide transportation at this time.

If a student is determined, by the Nurse, to have acute need and it is not a reasonable time frame to wait on doctor hours at the clinic, a referral will be made to Medical Associates in Saranac Lake. If there is no availability at Medical Associates, the student will be referred to Adirondack Medical Center- ER or Mountain Medical – Urgent Care. Again, transportation is the student’s responsibility, a POV may be used, a taxi or the ambulance called.

If an appointment is made at Medical Associates because of scheduling and length of visit needed, rather than emergency, it will be made after the Nurse has triaged the student and Student Health Services must make the appointment. If the student attempts to make their own appointment, they may be refused or if accepted, they will be charged as a private patient.

Appointments made at any other office in the area for specialty reasons, should be honored. It is the student’s responsibility to get there. If they are unable to keep the appointment, they should let that specialty office or Health Services know as soon as possible to either cancel or reschedule that appointment.

Prior to or by the start of classes, students are required to complete the Health Form packet that was mailed to them. One can be found on line at the PSC website under Student Health Services, should the location of the packet elude the student when it is time to complete it. With this packet, Student Health Services is looking to create a comprehensive baseline of the student to better meet any needs they may have during their time at PSC. So, please take the time to complete the packet neatly and thoroughly. Here is a checklist of what basic information will be requested:

  • Basic demographics
  • Insurance specifics – completed; and a front and back copy of private insurance card
  • Consent to treat – signed
  • Emergency contact information – completed and signed
  • Expressed understanding of when we might need to share information – initialed and signed
  • Student’s health history - completed
  • Clinical evaluation (Entry physical) no older than 3 months prior to entry date.
  • Immunization list – up to date immunization list with required ones received
  • Meningitis Response Form- completed and signed

All full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage while attending Paul smith’s College. It is important to note that not all health insurance is created equal and that although it may work in the state it originated in, it may not work locally while at PSC. The student is considered a precious resource and their education is a substantial investment. Please take the time to ensure they have the insurance they will need while attending PSC. While they will not be billed when seen at SHS, there are many times when insurance may be necessary during their time here. (i.e. Emergencies, doctor ordered tests or labs, prescribed medications, referrals for specialty appointments, etc…)

Acceptance or waiver from the college health insurance is necessary at the start of each academic year. The cost of college insurance will be automatically billed to the student account. To ensure the college insurance is in place by the start of classes or waive out of the college health insurance, it must be done electronically at

Insurance cards for college insurance can be printed by going to They will not be printable until approximately September 15, if starting in the fall, and by February 15 if starting in the spring.

Students with their own private insurance are responsible for knowing what their insurance covers, initiating their own claims, and following the requirements of their insurance. Some insurance has one card for medical and one for prescriptions. A front and back copy of their card(s) should be provided to Student Health Services upon entry and any time there is a change in coverage. The student should have their own card (s) when they arrive at PSC. It does them no good for Mom or Dad to have it back home when they may have an emergency locally.

Additionally, many private insurances have high co-pays because they are attached to flex accounts. If this is the case, please order an additional flex card for your student. It will be the student's responsibility to provide their card with medications are ordered on their behalf.

Entry physicals should be done prior to arrival at PSC. This service is not covered under contract and therefore, not provided at the PSC clinic.

Proof of immunization is required by all students who are taking 6 or more credits.

MMR – Measles/mumps/rubella
2 shot series
Available @ PSC SHS upon request.
Price may vary
PPD – Tuberculosis screening Required
Available @PSC SHS $10 *
Meningitis – single shot; may need booster Required if resident student
Available @ PSC SHS $109 *
Hepatitis A – 2 shot series Required for all RATE, Culinary, Baking, or
HRTM students
Available @ PSC SHS $85 *
Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis – childhood series needs booster every 10 years Recommended
Available @ PSC $45 *
Varicella – 2 shot series for chicken pox Recommended
Available @ PSC SHA upon request.
Price will vary.
Hepatitis B – 3 shot series Recommended
Available @ PSC SHS upon request.
Price will vary.
Polio – child hood series Recommended
Not available @ PSC SHS
HPV – 3 shot series Recommended
Available @ PSC SHS upon request.
Price will vary.
Seasonal Influenza – single yearly dose Recommended
Not currently available.

*These prices may vary year to year. These are accurate as of Spring 2015.

Any vaccine administered at Paul Smith’s College, Student Health Services is charged to the student’s account under "Infirmary charge". Upon request, the student will be provided with a receipt for the purposes of attempting insurance reimbursement.

Students who do not submit the completed health record will not be seen by Health Services. Incomplete records can lead to dismissal from Paul Smith’s College.

All your health care information is confidential and protected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT). To help keep it that way, please use the pre addressed envelope marked confidential that was attached to your health form packet. Or mail those documents, in an envelope marked confidential to:

Paul Smith’s College
Attn: Student Health Services
P.O. Box 265
Paul Smiths, NY 12970

Please make sure the entire health packet that is submitted is the "original". For legal purposes, we cannot accept copies. If you need a copy, let us know and we will be happy to make one for your records. It is suggested that a copy be made of at least all immunizations prior to submitting them to Student Health Services as the need for them may come up as the student enters the job field or pursues other degrees.

Inactive student health records are retained for 7 years from the term they went inactive. They will be destroyed within 90 days of reaching the 7-year mark.

To obtain health records after leaving Paul Smith’s College, a release of information form must be completed and mailed to:

Paul Smith’s College
Attn: Student Health Services
P.O. Box 265
Paul Smiths, NY 12970

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