Student Activities

Student Activities

Participation in extracurricular activities can help students develop self-confidence, leadership, and the social skills that will help them in their future lives. Being involved in campus life outside the classroom is a great way to meet new people and experience the diversity of community living. The Office of Student Activities sponsors opportunities for students to interact with other students and staff seven days a week during each semester. There are clubs and organizations in which students can become involved. Students also have a collective voice within the College governance system through an elected Student Government Association (SGA). The purpose of SGA is to promote cooperation both within the student body and among students, faculty and administration, and to act as a channel for the expression and resolution of student concerns. For more information see the Coordinator of Student Activities.

Campus Clubs and Organizations

  • Adirondack Mycology Club: The Adirondack Mycology Club’s mission is to explore, inform, educate, investigate and celebrate the diverse fungi of the Adirondacks. Club activities will include classification and naming of fungi, mushroom forays and other field trips near Paul Smith’s College and the surrounding area, as well as exploring the cultivation, culinary and artistic aspects of mushrooms.
  • Anime and Gaming Club: The Anime and Gaming club seeks to explore and enjoy the Gaming and Anime cultures. This club participates in video, table top, card, and board gaming, setting up numerous tournaments around campus and holding open events to all participants. They also have multiple Anime and Movie marathons that are open to the campus, and seeks to boost campus interest in such activities. Please sign up for our club’s email and attend our club meetings where we will hold demonstrations of games and be screening anime for any who are interested, while sharing the upcoming events that will be held on campus! This club is all fun and games!
  • Astronomy: The Paul Smith’s College astronomy club focuses on the universe and the mechanisms that allow it to operate. We learn best by applying mathematics and scientific principles to extend our senses farther than their human capabilities and by interactive discussions. Our club meets twice a month to discuss special cosmological topics including constellations, black holes, planets, comets, the search for extraterrestrial life, and other phenomena. We also take advantage of the spectacular Adirondack night sky for regular star gazing outings as well as other nearby opportunities.
  • Baking and Pastry Arts: Our club is to provide out of class, fun, learning for the Baking and Pastry Art Major, allowing members to become more involved in our Paul Smiths College community, while bringing a new perspective to it. We test recipes, go on trips, and learn new skills or build on old ones. The club often participates in catering of events on campus which allows us to fund raise for our club to experience off campus field trips. If you can’t bake no problem you can learn, all are welcome.
  • Beekeeping Club: The PSC Beekeeping Association is dedicated to educating the Paul Smith’s community about honey bees and the practice of keeping bees. We aspire to have a apiary at the PSC VIC and pair with VIC employees to hold informal educational opportunities. Eventually we would like to sell honey in the PSC VIC store and the college bookstore.
  • Bobcat Steppers
  • Cheerleading Team
  • DECA: We’re a student chapter of DECA, an international business and marketing association that has chapters in High Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S. There are more than 15,000 collegiate DECA members. DECA is a well-known organization that holds leadership conferences, knowledge competitions, an annual convention and learning opportunities. DECA includes students from many different majors that have an interest in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. We provide professional experience to Paul Smith’s students through a variety of activities including guest speakers, seminars, business site visits, planning and running special events and fundraisers, volunteering for community service and participation in the NYC Hotel Show and PSC’s biennial Boomerang alumni event.
  • Draft Horse Club: PSC’s Draft Horse Club is dedicated to educating club members and the community about draft horses and their uses. The club holds both logging and agricultural events at the annual Homesteading Festival and for various classes offered by the college. Members go on trips to regional draft animal demonstrations to learn and collaborate with other teamsters. The club keeps an active presence in the community by giving wagon and sleigh rides for the public, as well as making a float for the Winter Carnival Parade. Weekly meetings at the barn provide a chance to interact with the horses and maintain the barn. No previous horse experience is necessary!
  • Entrepreneurial Club
  • FFA: The letters “FFA” used to stand for Future Farmers of America; these letters are a part of our history and our heritage that will never change. FFA is not just for students who want to be production farmers; FFA also welcomes members who aspire to careers as teachers, doctors, scientists, business owners and more. For this reason, the name of the organization was updated in 1988 after a vote of national convention delegates to reflect the growing diversity and new opportunities in the industry of agriculture: The National FFA Organization.
  • Fish and Game Club: The goal of the PSC’s Fish and Game Club is to promote the importance of sportsmanlike conduct within a learning environment. Hunting safety and ethical fishing practices will be held with the highest regard. Likewise, the club will strive to bring in members with little to no experience in the field in the effort to educate them to the sports. As that Paul Smith’s College is a center of the environmental education the club will also augment environmental awareness and responsibility to the community. Members with all levels of experience in hunting or fishing are welcome!
  • Fisheries Society: The Paul Smith's College Sub-Unit of the American Fisheries Society is set up to help students interested in fisheries and aquatic sciences gain a higher level of knowledge and experience in all of our programs. This organization also provides students with opportunities to meet professionals in the field and network with these experienced individuals. Within the past year, this chapter has taken part in long-term monitoring of fish populations in St. Regis Lake and Smitty Creek Watershed, toured the Lake Clear Fish Hatchery, and attended the New York State American Fisheries Society conference in Cooperstown, NY. More information on this club can be found here.
  • Forestry Club: This club attracts students from all academic disciplines. It sponsors a wide range of social activities, and is involved in many projects around campus and many are involved in the woodsmen’s team.
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship: is an inter-denominational Christian fellowship that offers weekly Bible studies, church outings and opportunities to serve not only the Paul Smith’s College campus, but also the surrounding community.
  • Lady Bobcats Rugby Club: The club was started in the fall of 2015. It is a group of hard-working, dedicated women, who have spent months practicing and learning the sport. The team is made up of women from different backgrounds, majors, athletic abilities, and skill sets. Many of the ladies on the team had never played the sport before. They participate in spring tournaments and will be playing in the regular fall season games as well. They are constantly recruiting, so the best time to join is any. No one is ever turned away. The best way to find out if rugby is the right fit for you, is to come to a practice, meet the players and coaches, and mess around in a scrum.
  • Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT): The Medical Emergency Response Team is a club on campus made up of EMTs and other medically certified students. We respond, along with Campus Safety, to medical incidents and treat the patient before the ambulance gets there. Due to the isolation of the campus, MERT is able to provide a better sense of security for students. All students are welcome to join regardless of training.
  • The Outing Club: The Outing Club covers a wide variety of outdoor recreation pursuits: hiking, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, backpacking, bobsledding, biking, snowshoeing, kayaking, rock and ice climbing, the ropes course, safety certifications & training.
  • PSC Pride (Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian Advocates for Diversity): A safe place for any students identifying under the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. An open, welcoming space for students questioning themselves, or those looking to find others who share common interests and identities. Our club is working constantly to make the Paul Smith’s community a more open, accepting, and diverse place for all students!
  • PSC Snowcats: We are a new forming club gearing up for next winter, we were established to provide a meeting place for snowmobilers to get together and ride; we give new members a chance to try the sport of snowmobiling. Our goal is to help spread the joy that snowmobiling gives and help make the long winters in the ADK’s more fun.
  • Rugby (Men’s): Teamwork, integrity and loyalty are the foundations of this club. Our students get together to play, have a good time and promote sportsmanship and athletics at Paul Smith’s.
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF): SAF is the national scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States. Our club brings in guest speakers for the benefit of the entire campus. Members of the club may also attend state and national SAF conferences that offer valuable networking and connection building opportunities.
  • Society for Ecological Restoration: To practice ecological restoration on and off campus to sustain biodiversity and create a more ecologically sound relationship between nature and culture and to advance student careers in our respective fields through attending conferences, workshops, and networking with relevant professionals.
  • Swordsmanship Club: The Swordsmanship Club teaches students the basics of Medieval European Martial Arts. Techniques are based off of surviving historical manuals. Weapons include long-sword, sword and shield, polearms, and more. This club is a great way to meet new friends, learn new skills, and exercise.
  • Student Activities Council: Want to be involved in the events on campus? Then join this club!! This group is responsible for the planning and implementation of events on campus such as bands, comedians, special events and movies. This organization works in conjunction with the Student Activities Office. All are welcome to join!
  • Veteran’s Club: This club provides support to the Veteran’s at PSC. They also do many community service projects for the local community as well as for our military oversees.
  • Wildlife Society: The Wildlife Society is a student branch of the National Wildlife Society. The Wildlife Society has planned several events and activities which include providing members with peer and professional networking opportunities.
  • Woodworking Club: This club provides an opportunity for all students to further their knowledge of the craft of woodworking. The club is open to all students with any level of woodworking experience, and many of the projects that the school community requests are undertaken by the club. Safety is emphasized.

Regulations for the Conduct of Clubs and Activities

Clubs and organizations recognized and sponsored by Paul Smith's College may not sponsor or engage in hazing or in any other activities which endanger anyone's mental or physical well-being. Groups may not sponsor events at which alcohol is served, and no College funds may be used to purchase alcohol. Clubs and organizations fall under the same rules and regulations outlined within the Student Code of Conduct, and are subject to the disciplinary action should they be found "responsible" for the violation of any College policy. Clubs and organizations recognized by the Student Government, must be open to any student who wishes to join, and may not require any initiation activities that would be potentially harmful in any way to the participants.

Organizations recognized and sponsored by Paul Smith's College may not sponsor or engage in hazing or in any other activities which endanger anyone's mental or physical well-being. Groups may not sponsor events at which alcohol is served, and no College funds may be used to purchase alcohol. Other drugs are forbidden at any club-sponsored events, as they are elsewhere on campus. Clubs and organizations recognized by the Student Government, with the exception of academic honor societies, must be open to any student who wishes to join, and may not require any initiation activities that would be potentially harmful in any way to the participants.

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