Enrollment Status

Enrollment Status

Full and/or part time status

Enrollment in 9 graduate credits per 15-week semester (or equivalent) in a designated graduate degree program constitutes full-time enrollment. Students enrolled in 8 or fewer credits for a 15-week semester (or equivalent) are considered part-time.



A non-matriculated student is enrolled in one or more courses without being admitted into the graduate program as a degree seeker, pending space availability. Non-matriculated students are required to provide an official transcript indicating their completion of a bachelor’s degree. A student may take a maximum of 12 graduate credits as a non-matriculant with the permission of the Graduate Studies Director.


Students seeking additional coursework beyond 12 credits are required to apply to and be accepted into the pertinent graduate program. Credits earned during non-matriculated coursework can be used toward a graduate degree when the student matriculates into a designated graduate program. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for institutional or federal financial aid, and payment is due at the time of registration for each enrolled course.


Continuous Enrollment Policy

Graduate students at Paul Smith’s College shall maintain continuous enrollment throughout their program of study. Any student who decides not to enroll full or part-time in classes during a semester must submit a Continuing Enrollment Request form and is responsible for paying the Graduate Program Continuation Fee, which is assessed at a rate of $1,000 per academic year. This continuation fee allows the student to maintain access to the College library resources, email, faculty advising, and academic records.


Students must resume academic progress the first semester after the one-year Continuing Enrollment period ceases. After that point, students must petition the Graduate Study Program to discuss and determine their degree completion timeline.

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