Independent Study

Independent Study

Students may be eligible for an Independent Study where the necessary prerequisites are met. Permission to enroll in an Independent Study must be obtained from the student’s advisor, the instructor of the course, the Department Chair of the course and the Provost. A separate registration form for Independent Study is available at the Registrar’s Office. The student must file the form in the Department Chairs’ Office, the instructor and the Registrar to be officially registered in the course.

Independent study is designed under the direction of a faculty member to allow study of material covered in the course Master Course Outline. Unless previously arranged, independent study is conducted under the regular semester calendar and completed by the end of that semester.

The evaluation of the student will be by written reports, written or oral examinations, and written final examination during the final examination period.

Permission for independent study requires sophomore or higher standing. The student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or better. Independent study may not be taken to replace a “D” or an “F” grade received in previous work in the course. No more than one course of the minimum requirements for the program may be met as independent study.

The minimum number of student-instructor meetings in an independent study shall be four plus twice the number of hours of credit to be granted: e.g.,


Credit hours   Number of meetings
1 4 + 2 = 6
2 4 + 4 = 8
3 4 + 6 = 10
4 4 + 8 = 12
5 4 + 10 = 14


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