Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Student who are currently or were previously enrolled at a college or university are regarded as transfer students. This definition does not apply to students who completed college coursework while in high school as part of a dual-enrollment program. 

In order to be considered for transfer admission to Paul Smith’s College, students must be in good academic, social and financial standing at all previously-attended colleges with the eligibility to re-enroll if they have not yet earned a degree. Transfer applicants are expected to have achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for all college coursework attempted.

Paul Smith’s College maintains a policy of rolling admission for transfer students; specifically, once an applicant files all of the necessary documents, the total application file is read and a decision is made. Students are notified immediately until the class is filled. Students seeking financial aid should complete an application for admission as soon as possible since it is necessary to be admitted into the college in order to be awarded financial aid. Applications are accepted for classes entering both Fall (September) and Spring (January) Semesters.

In addition to submitting a complete Admissions Application form, applicants should submit the following materials for full consideration for Admission:

  • Official Transcript of any and all prior college work attempted
  • Official Secondary School Transcript (if requested)

An essay and two letters of recommendation are highly recommended for all applicants.

Transfer students can apply online. Paper applications are available upon request.

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