Paul Smith’s College Grants and Scholarships

Paul Smith’s College Grants and Scholarships

PSC Grants are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Fluctuations in a student’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) can impact how much PSC Grant funding a student will qualify for on an annual basis. PSC Grant amounts are last dollar awards meaning that other PSC scholarships, Federal, or State Grants can impact the award amount. Changes in other awards can result in changes to a PSC grant at any time during an academic year.

Merit Scholarships

Paul Smith's College Merit Scholarship Program offers scholarships to incoming freshmen. Award amounts range from $6,000 to $19,000 per year for up to four years. All scholarships are renewable for up to eight semesters as long as the student is enrolled full time and maintains satisfactory academic progress.

No separate scholarship application is needed to be considered for a Merit Scholarship. Determination is made when a prospective student applies for admission to PSC.

PSC Merit Scholarships:

Scholarship Annual Award (students entering Fall 2024)
President $20,000
Provost $18,000
Dean $16,000
Faculty $14,000
Bobcat $12,000
Transfer Excellence $14,000
Transfer Achievement $12,000
Transfer Honor $11,000
Transfer Recognition $10,000

Additional scholarships may be offered as part of the PSC Admissions process. To determine eligibility, prospective students should contact the PSC Admissions Office at or 518-327-6000.


The following awards and scholarships are made possible thanks to a number of generous donors. Student financial aid awards are determined at the time of acceptance into their program and renewed annually. This allows students and families to budget and plan financially. During the academic year, eligible students are matched to scholarships and notified of which donor is providing their scholarship funding. Students are expected to provide a thank you letter to their donor on an annual basis.  

Questions regarding applications for these and other awards (not listed) may be directed to the Financial Aid Office. Most PSC awards and scholarships do not require a separate application.

A. LINDSAY AND OLIVE B O’CONNOR FOUNDATION is awarded to students from Delaware County that demonstrate a financial need.

ADIRONDACK FRED SULLIVAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established by the College, the family and friends of Fred. G. Sullivan, who was the Director of Development at Paul Smith's College. Fred, perhaps more than anyone else, helped set the College on its current course of defining itself as The College of the Adirondacks. The scholarship is awarded to students with course work and a career focused on the Adirondacks.

ADIRONDACK MOUNTAIN CLUB SCHOLARSHIP established in 2001, is presented annually to a resident of the Adirondack Park, namely within what is designated as "the blue line" of regular acceptance.

ADIRONDACK PARK SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a resident of the Adirondack Park who demonstrates financial need.

ALFRED W. CURRIER SCHOLARSHIPS are applied toward the payment of tuition for the following year. The selection committee chooses one recipient from the Forest Technician program and one from Pre-Professional Forestry. Consideration will be based on scholastic records, citizenship and activity in forestry projects.

ALUMNI AWARD is given to the student for overall improvement academically over a period of at least four semesters.

ANDREW E. VAUGHAN '90 MEMORIAL AWARD was established by friends and family in memory of this 1990 graduate. It is given each year to a non-traditional Forestry student who displays the spirit and character similar to Andy and who has financial need.

AUGSBURY SCHOLARSHIPS recognize the students demonstrating financial need who hail from the North Country region of New York State. This award, made possible through the generosity of Mr. Frank A. Augsbury, Jr., a member of Paul Smith's College Board of Trustees, is open to both first year students and sophomores.

BARTLETT TREE FOUNDATION INC. GRANT-IN-AID is to aid promising students of Horticulture or Forestry who are interested in pursuing a career in arboriculture. 

BOOSTER CLUB ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP The Paul Smiths College Booster Club established this scholarship in 2017 to provide financial assistance to returning students. 

BRIAN W. SMITH ‘95 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded in the spring for the fall to a returning sophomore HEOP student recommended by the Director of HEOP. The student must demonstrate financial need and exhibit some of the qualities that set Brian apart, represent and honor his memory.

BRIAN ZEHR MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a forestry student in memory of Brian Zehr. The recipient is chosen on the basis of high professional standards and a desire to contribute to the forestry profession.

CANTWELL FAMILY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS were established by the family and friends of Paul Cantwell who was a trustee and long-time friend of Paul Smith's College. These $1,000 scholarships are awarded to students based upon academics and citizenship who demonstrate financial need.

CHESTER L. AND MILDRED Z. BUXTON SCHOLARSHIPS Originally established in loving memory of his wife Mildred, by college President Emeritus Chester L. Buxton. Dr. Buxton served as president of Paul Smith’s from 1948 to 1975, and since Dr. Buxton’s passing in 1996 and to honor his pivotal role in the success of Paul Smith’s college along with the help of his wife, this memorial scholarship now bears both of their names. This award recognizes friendliness, good citizenship and campus community service. 

CHRIS MICHIELEN MEMORIAL AWARD is presented to the Forestry student who exhibits a love for other people, nature, and the outdoors.

DENNIS J. MURPHY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in loving memory of Dennis J. Murphy for nontraditional students (over 21) who have a passion for rock climbing, want to share their passion they feel for their natural surroundings with other people, who embrace life to its fullest and who embrace mountain life. Preference for students in Forestry or Recreation program.

DR. EDWIN H. HUGHES MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is granted to a first year student to be applied to tuition during the following year. The recipient is chosen on the basis of scholarship, activities, and character.

EDWARD F. PRESCOTT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established by family in 1995 in memory of this 1962 Liberal Arts graduate. This award recognizes a student's appreciation of the Adirondack Park.

JEFF COUTURE '78 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2018 in memory of Jeff Couture '78, who had love of the natural environment, compassion for all creatures, and respect for all people. He was a gifted woodworker, painter, and musician. This scholarship is to be awarded to a deserving student with demonstrated financial need in any academic discipline. First priority is to be given to students from Saranac Lake, NY, second priority given to students from the Tri-Lakes Region, and third priority to be given to students living in the Adirondack Park or contiguous counties. 

EILEEN CRARY SCHOLARSHIP established in 2000 by the Board of Trustees of Paul Smith's College, is presented to deserving students from the Adirondack Park who demonstrate the qualities of dedication, honesty, and loyalty, the very qualities epitomized by the honoree.

ENDOWED ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2001 through the generosity of many Paul Smith’s College alumni, family and friends. It is the intent of the scholarship to recognize graduates from one of Paul Smith’s two-year degree programs who have expressed the intent of continuing on in one of the College’s four-year degree programs.

F.A. BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS COMPANY recognizes Arboriculture and Landscape Management (AALM) students who are interested in a career in arboriculture. Recipients are recommended by AALM faculty.

F. IVES TURNER SURVEYING SCHOLARSHIP established in December of 1988, is presented annually to a returning Surveying Technology student who exemplifies outstanding citizenship, scholarship, and dedication to the surveying profession. It is given in memory of F. Ives Turner, prominent local land surveyor and long-time associate of Paul Smith's College, by the Northern Association of Land Surveyors.

FORESTRY DIVISION ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is presented to an outstanding forestry student in recognition of his/her achievement in forestry activities. The student is presented with a plaque and a small financial award.

FRANK L. CUBLEY SCHOLARSHIP FUND was established by a bequest from his wife, Frances. One $500 Scholarship is awarded to the returning sophomore with the highest scholastic average at the end of freshman year.

FRESHMAN CHEMISTRY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given to an outstanding chemistry student in recognition of his/her achievements in chemistry during the year.

GORDAN A. RUST AND PHYLLIS R. CROWNER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a student based on character traits and overall academic effort.

GOULD HOYT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2013 at Paul Smith’s College in memory of professor Hoyt. Students must submit an essay demonstrating "what does Paul Smith’s College mean to them" and "why is sustainability important?"

FRANK M. HUTCHINS SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2014 by Jeanne Bahn Hutchins in memory of her husband, Frank Hutchins, and in honor of President John W. Mills. The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a passion for Paul Smiths College education and all that it entails - experiential learning, a love of the outdoors and the Adirondacks, and any of the programs that lead to a Paul Smiths College degree. 

HEARST FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2005, aimed to reduce unmet need and increase retention among underserved students with financial need, including females, minority students, first generation college students of either gender, or students from rural areas. 

HECTOR BOIARDI SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to students in the culinary program who demonstrate high financial need.

IRA G. PAYNE BAUMGARTNER SCHOLARSHIP is offered to a student who demonstrates high potential for success. 

JAMES D. KURTOWICZ '66 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a U.S. veteran with first preference to a student enrolled in the forestry division. Absent any qualified forestry veteran students, the recipient shall be a U.S. veteran, in any program, with demonstrated financial need and leadership potential.

JAMES CHAPMAN ’73 VETERANS SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a combat veteran majoring in Forestry/ Environmental Science and is a New York resident who demonstrates financial need. Preference will be given to Marine applicants, but not limited to Marines.

JIM AND PEG REAGAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2013 by alumnus Dr. James Reagan Jr., Class of 1964, in memory of his parents. The scholarship is awarded to students who are enrolled in the College of Natural Resource Management and Ecology with preference given to students pursuing an associate degree.

JEFFERY L. HILL JR. MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established to in memory of Jeffery L. Hill, Jr. ’97 by his family. Jeff had a great love for forestry and most importantly for nature and the outdoors. Paul Smith’s was one of the most important things in Jeff’s life. This award will be given to a forestry student who demonstrates a desire to improve the environment, has a passion and love for the outdoors and shows a willingness to overcome their academic challenges because they are engaging in a curriculum they love.

JEREMY A. DEEKS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2019 by friends and family in memory of Alumni Jeremy A Deeks, who graduated in 2007. Jeremy loved the Adirondacks and made it his second home. His love for music will always be treasured. To apply, students must submit an original music video or written song demonstrating their personal talent and love for music.

JOAN H. WEILL ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2012 by Joan & Sandy Weill to be awarded to students who demonstrate a passion for Paul Smith’s education and all that it entails – experiential learning, a love of the outdoors and the Adirondacks

JOHN 'MOUSE' SHEAFFER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1986 by the family and friends of this 1983 graduate. The income from the principal is to be awarded to a "worthy student, preferably in the Ecology and Environmental Technology Program."

JOHN W. MILLS & MEG BALASSONE-MILLS SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2014 when President John W. Mills, on the occasion of his retirement, asked that in lieu of a retirement party and gifts a scholarship be established to help students with financial difficulties continue on.

LYLE J. FRANK ’65 HOSPITALITY SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2009 by alumnus Lyle Frank in recognition of the positive experience he had as a student at Paul Smith’s College. The recipients shall be enrolled in either a two- or four-year hospitality degree program and shall demonstrate the most improvement in GPA over the previous year.

MAX CALDERONE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2014 by the family and friends of Mark Antonio "Max" Calderone. The scholarship is awarded to a worthy student who demonstrates his or her passion for learning at Paul Smith’s College, with preference given to NRME students within the Adirondack Park, involved with the Academic Success program, and/or a member of the Paul Smith College Soccer team.

MCKITTRICK/HOYT NATURAL RESOURCE SCHOLARSHIP established in 1997 by alumnus Russell C. McKittick, is presented to a recipient with financial need and enrolled in one of the Natural Resource Programs.

MOST OUTSTANDING CULINARY ARTS GRADUATE AWARD is presented by the Culinary Arts faculty of Paul Smith's College to the student who exhibits the highest potential for success in the culinary field. The award is based on a superb academic record, leadership, and achievement in local and national culinary competitions while at Paul Smith's College.

OUTSTANDING ATHLETE AWARD is presented to the outstanding female and male athletes for demonstrating leadership, sportsmanship, community participation on the Paul Smith's College campus, and having made significant contributions to the College by achievements of merit in league, regional, or national competition.

PARTRIDGE-INVITATION SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to hospitality major with demonstrated financial need.

PAUL ROBERSON MEMORIAL AWARD is awarded to the first year student who typifies Paul Roberson's qualities as an outstanding athlete, leader, and active participant in campus organizations.

PAUL SMITH'S COLLEGE OUTSTANDING GRADUATE AWARD is presented at commencement to the graduate whose comprehensive abilities and achievements have been deemed to be the most outstanding among all students receiving their degrees.

PRESIDENT'S AWARD is made to the graduate earning the highest cumulative grade point average during the previous two full semesters, or their equivalent, and must include a minimum of 30 credit hours earned at Paul Smith's College. The student must also have earned a 2.0 cumulative grade point average before entering the second year.

RAYMOND C. JACK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP established in 1993 by a bequest from the estate of the 1951 graduate, recognizes academic achievement and financial need of Hotel and Restaurant Management students.

REBECCA L. IBITZ '00 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP established in 2002 by the family, is awarded to a female student in the Urban Tree Management Program who demonstrates financial need.

ROBERT AND JEAN KNAPP SCHOLARSHIP This endowed scholarship fund was established by Jean and Robert Knapp '73 for students with demonstrated financial need with a preference to award students with an "above average" high school record, demonstrated leadership, and an Eagle Scout Award. 

ROGER W. TUBBY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is presented to the graduate who demonstrates outstanding communication skills in the program of Ecology and Environmental Technology. The award is given in memory of Roger W. Tubby -- a Presidential Press Secretary, United States Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, a newspaper journalist and publisher, founder of the Adirondack North Country Association and adjunct professor at Paul Smith's College. The award commemorates his devotion to preserving Adirondack lands and providing satisfying career opportunities for its residents.

ROSENBLUM SCHOLARSHIP established in 1989, awarded to students in the Hospitality Management Division who demonstrate unmet need. These awards are made possible through the generosity of Herbert Y. Rosenblum, Paul Smith's Class of 1960, and his wife, Joyce Lapato Rosenblum.

RUTH E. A. DAVIS '49 SCHOLARSHIP established in 2002 by Ruth E. A. Davis, is awarded to a student in the Liberal Arts Program who demonstrates financial need.

RUTH GILLESPIE BROWNE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to preferably a female student, but not limited to being a female, studying the natural sciences with demonstrated financial need.

RUTH KLEIN HOYT SCHOLARSHIP established in 2005 by a friend of the Hoyt family, is presented to a student who participates in any Paul Smith's College English curriculum, regardless of program of study, who demonstrates financial need.

STANLEY JEZ SCHOLARSHIP Open to all Paul Smith's College students majoring in forestry, environmental science, or arboriculture. Preference given to Catholic students in the Springfield, Massachusetts area.

STATLER FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to students enrolled full-time in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts degree programs.

STEPHEN O. GEHRING - B.F. DEWEY CONSERVATION SCHOLARSHIP established in 1998, recognizes the returning students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of forestry and/or conservation. It is given in honor of noted conservationist Stephen Gehring and his long-time friend, Benjamin "Bud" Dewey.

STIRLING TOMKINS FORESTRY SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to forestry students based on financial need, demonstrated academic achievement or leadership potential.

STUDENT LIFE AWARD is given to the student selected by the Student Life Staff who has demonstrated an outstanding involvement and participation in campus life.

THOMAS F. "RED" MCGRAW '48 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP established is 1998, is awarded to a student demonstrating financial need from the Capital District of New York State.

TRI-LAKES ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2014 by a generous alumnus. The scholarship is awarded to deserving students with first preference given to students from the Tri Lakes area of northern New York.

VAUGHN DOTY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in memory of Vaughn Doty. He graduated from Paul Smith's College in 1967 and went directly into the army and fought in Vietnam. Friends and family establish this scholarship in Vaughn’s memory, and honors those students who demonstrate campus community service.

VIRGINIA AND MICHAEL ADLER ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Need-based scholarships open to all incoming students of regular acceptance. Scholarship amounts range from $500-$1,000.

WILLIAM S. SULLIVAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS were established in 1991 in honor of the former Gouverneur, NY owner of White Crystal Quarries by his sister, Ruth Sullivan Greenhaus. The scholarships are awarded to students based upon leadership, academics, and campus community service.

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