Students withdrawing from the College for any reason are reminded that housing and course registration will be subject to availability when the student’s re-admission application is complete.

Non-medical Withdrawals

  • Students may withdraw from Paul Smith’s College up until the Friday prior to the last full week of classes. Students who withdraw on or after the third Monday of the semester will receive a ‘W’ in all of their classes. This ‘W’ indicates that the student withdrew and is not calculated into the student’s GPA. The attempted class credits will continue to count in the student’s attempted credits.
  • Students who intend to withdraw from Paul Smith’s College must meet with the Director of the Academic Success Center (or designee) to receive information on the withdrawal process. The Director of the Academic Success Center will also conduct an interview with the student. An Official Notice of Student Withdrawal form is then completed. Through signatures obtained by the student, the form indicates that the appropriate representatives of the Academic Success Center, Students Accounts Office, Financial Aid Office, Residence Life and Library are aware of the student’s withdrawal. The withdrawal process will not be considered official until the form is completed and returned to the Academic Success Center with signatures from both the student and a designated Department representative.
  • Potential refunds are determined by the refund schedule which is included in the current year’s college catalog in the Expense Section under Student Withdrawals.
  • Students who withdraw from the College after the Friday of the 7th week of classes (midterm) will not be eligible for re-admission until they have been away from the College for one semester. Students may appeal this policy to the Provost through the Director of the Academic Success Center, if and only if they have followed the proper withdrawal procedures listed above.

Medical Withdrawals

  • In addition to the procedure listed above under Non-Medical Withdrawals, students who intend to seek a medical withdrawal must state their intention to seek a medical withdrawal during the interview with an appropriate Department representative. A student seeking a medical withdrawal will be referred to a representative of the Medical, Academic, Psychiatric (MAP) Committee, either the Director of Student Health Services, the Director of Student Counseling, or the Director of Accommodative Services, to complete a Medical Withdrawal Classification Request Form and receive further information.
  • Withdrawals will not be processed as a medical withdrawal until the required medical withdrawal paperwork is complete. Students have 30 days to return the necessary paperwork. After this date, the withdrawal will be processed as a non-medical withdrawal.
  • Medical withdrawals may qualify for a tuition and program fee refund. To qualify, the medical withdrawal process must be initiated on or before the 8th Friday of the semester according to the academic calendar, and completed within the 30-day time limit. Tuition and program fees for a medical withdrawal applied for on or after the Monday of the midpoint of the semester/session will be refunded according to the withdrawal refund schedule as stated in the current year’s catalog under Student Withdrawals in the Expenses section. Room and board charges will be prorated according to the refund schedule, whether the withdrawal occurs before or after mid-term.
  • Students withdrawing from the College as a result of physical and/or mental health conditions must apply through the Medical, Academic, Psychiatric (MAP) Committee to return to the College. While this can be as soon as the semester/session immediately following withdrawal, they should be sure they are able to manage their academic load. All medically-withdrawn students applying for re-entry to the College must submit medical clearance from their physician (physical health) and/or a licensed mental health professional (mental health), attesting that the student is returning to the College in good health and is medically prepared to resume full-time studies. This must then be approved by the MAP Committee. No student will be allowed to re-enroll until this process is complete.
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