Some students may be selected for a process called verification. Verification requires students to submit documentation related to their FAFSA directly to the PSC Financial Aid Office. Documentation requested can include but is not limited to tax returns/transcripts, W-2s, IRS letters of non-tax filing status, and verification worksheets. Requested forms can be found on the PSC Financial Aid website or within the student’s PSC Financial Aid Portal. Students will receive email communications requesting the necessary documentation and can also view the status of requested or submitted documents directly in their PSC Financial Aid Portal. Students should check their email and PSC Financial Aid Portal regularly for information on the status of their financial aid. Requested documentation should be returned right away to avoid delays in award determination and disbursement. Based on the submitted documentation, the PSC Financial Aid Office may need to change the information reported on the student’s FAFSA. These changes can result in increases or decreases to previously awarded financial aid. To avoid the likelihood of making errors on the FAFSA that result in award changes, students and parents are strongly encouraged to use the IRS Data Retrieval process when completing the FAFSA.

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