Attendance is expected of all students.

Unsatisfactory attendance occurs when a student’s accumulated absences in a semester exceed the number of times the class meets per week. Individual instructors may establish policies in their syllabi which determine the impact of unsatisfactory absences on the student’s grade in the course. Faculty report class absences through PowerCampus SelfService or Starfish. Weekly updates of students’ absences are provided to faculty and support offices from the Office of Institutional Research. Faculty may also flag a student for low attendance in Starfish.

Verification of unavoidable absences is the student’s responsibility. Such absences do not excuse a student from completing the work included in a course.


Attendance is critical to an institution appropriately using federal aid funds. Taking attendance allows the institution to make clear determinations of when a student last attended class, which then has implications to the use of federal funds and what federal funds must be returned.

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