Externship Verification Process

Externship Verification Process

The externship semester is a fundamental aspect of the Paul Smith’s College educational experience required by some and valued by all academic programs. Instructional requirements of the various externship courses are determined by and maintained by the academic departments.

Students who wish to have previous experience in their degree subject area considered for satisfaction of an externship course requirement must submit an application in writing to their Department Chair no later than 12:00 pm on the last day of classes of the second semester (excluding summer sessions) of their enrollment in the program at Paul Smith’s College.

Students who have not met the externship requirement of their degree program, and who are employed in a full-time position that they wish to submit for consideration of satisfaction of an externship requirement, must:

  1. Have applied to the Department Chair of their academic program prior to accepting employment.
  2. If placement is approved, be registered for the given term’s externship course.

Paul Smith’s College is not obligated to accept externship course registrations after the start date of any term.

Students registered in an externship course for any term that follows the most recent commencement ceremony, not including the present term, and who have not submitted satisfactory proof of completion of externship experience, must submit such proof to the Registrar by the close of the first business day following October 31 or March 30, for the fall and spring terms respectively.

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