Note: The date following each person’s name indicates the year of appointment to the Faculty.
*Indicates Paul Smith's College Alumni

Russell P. Aicher Jr. (2009), Assistant Professor — Forestry & GIS
    B.S., M.S., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry    

Susan N. Alexander (1973-1974, 1976), Professor — Hospitality
    B.S., University of Massachusetts-Amherst; M S., SUNY Plattsburgh; Family & Consumer Science Certificate; Women's Studies Certificate  

Andrew S. Andermatt (2011), Professor — English
    A.A.S., North Country Community College; B.A., SUNY Plattsburgh; M.A., Skidmore College; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Jessica Appleby (2021), Adjunct Instructor
    B.A., SUNY Oswego; M.S. -  Student Affairs Administration, Binghamton University 

*Sarah R. Bogdanovitch (1994), Professor — Forestry
    B.S., University of Vermont; M.S. - Forestry, Yale University; C.F. (Certified Forester)

Michelle Casson (2021), Lab Instructor — Chemistry and Biology
     B.S. State University of New York, College at Fredonia

Kelly L. Cerialo (2013), Associate Professor — Hospitality
    B.A., The College of New Jersey; M.S., University of Southern California; Ph.D., Antioch University 

Saikat Chakraborty (2021), Associate Professor — Chemistry
    B.S., Indian Institute of Technology; M.S., Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology 

Kyu Choi (2021), Assistant Professor — Sports Management
    M.S., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; PhD, University of Georgia

Matthew Clemens (2022), Assistant Professor — Natural Sciences
    B.A., Case Western Reserve; M.S., PhD, Southern Methodist University

*Joseph Conto (1994-1997, 2006), Professor — Business & Hospitality
    A.A.S., Paul Smith's College; B.A., University of Nevada, Las Vegas; M.S., Florida International University; Certified Hospitality Educator

Amanda Cording (2022), Associate Professor  — Environmental Science 
   B.A., SUNY New Paltz; M.P.S., SUNY ESF; PhD, University of Vermont

Jonathan Dallas (), Adjunct Professor — English

Helen Demong (), Lecturer — Choral

Amy DeWitt (2017), Associate Professor — Culinary Arts & Baking
    A.A., Johnson & Wales University; B.S., University of Florida     

Karen J. Edwards (1980), Professor — Mathematics and Environment & Society 
    B.A., SUNY Potsdam; M.A.,SUNY Plattsburgh; Ph.D., SUNY Albany

Jorie Favreau (2005), Professor and Department Chair — Wildlife Biology and Natural Science
    B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University; M.A., DePaul University; Ph.D., North Carolina State University    

*John Foppert (2021), Visiting Assistant Professor — Forestry 
    B.S. Paul Smith's College; M.Sc., M.S., Erasmus Mundus European Forestry Dual Degree Programme; PgDip, University of Cambridge; Ph.D., Technical University of Munich

Alex George (2022), Assistant Professor — Forest Operations
    B.S., Tamil Nadu Agricultural University; M.S., Kerala Agricultural University; Ph.D., University of Maine

Ellen George (2020), Adjunct Professor
    B.S., University of Puget Sound; M.S., Cornell University; Ph.D., Cornell University

Emily Grausgruber (2019), Associate Professor — Biology
     B.S., SUNY Potsdam; M.S., Clarkson University; Ph.D., Iowa State University

Joseph Henderson (2018), Associate Professor — Environment & Society 
    B.A., Colgate University; Ph.D., University of Rochester 

Eric R. Holmlund (1995), Professor — Environment & Society
    B.A., Dartmouth College; M.S.T., SUNY Potsdam; M.S., Southern Illinois University; Ph.D., Antioch University; Certified Wilderness Education Association

Vance Z. Jackson (2019), Associate Professor and Department Chair — Psychology 
    B.S., University of Wisconsin - Madison; M.A., Ph.D., Ball State University

Melanie H. Johnson (2011), Professor — GIS & Environmental Science
    B.S., Minnesota State University; M.S., University of North Dakota; Ph.D., University of Idaho

Andrew Kelly (2012), Associate Professor and Librarian — Technical Services & Cataloger Librarian
    B.A., Boston University; M.S., Simmons College

Daniel Kelting (2003), Professor — Forestry, Interim President
    A.A.S., New York State Ranger School; B.S., SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry; M.S., Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute 

*Donald O. Kirche (1971), Professor — Mathematics
    A.A., Paul Smith’s College; B.S., St. Lawrence University; M.S., Clarkson University

*Corey L. Laxson (2020), Professor — Natural Science   
    A.A.S., Paul Smith’s College; B.S., M.S., SUNY Brockport 

*Kelly Linehan (), Associate Professor — Mathematics 
    A.A.S., Paul Smith’s College; B.S., Johnson State College, M.Ed., Concordia University-Portland

Diane M. Litynski (2007), Professor and Department Chair — Business Management
    B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M.B.A., Boston University

Kevin A. McCarthy (2010), Associate Professor — Culinary Arts
    A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America; Certified Food and Environmental Sanitarian; Certified Executive Chef; Certified Culinary Educator 

Glenn McClure (2015), Continuing Lecturer — Environment & Society
     B.A., M.A., SUNY Geneseo 

*Brett McLeod (2005), Professor and Department Chair  — Forestry & Natural Resources
    A.A.S., B.S., Paul Smith's College; M.S., Bard College; Ph.D. Antioch University; Spanish Proficiency Certificate

Janet A. Mihuc (2000), Professor — Biology
    B.S., Oklahoma State University, M.S., D.A., Idaho State University

Craig W. Milewski (2003), Professor — Fisheries & Aquatic Science
    B.S., Michigan State University; M.F.A., Vermont College of Fine Arts; M.S., Ph.D., South Dakota State University

Marina Morandini (2021), Assistant Professor — Wildlife Biology
    B.Sc., University of Parma (Italy); M.S. University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy); Ph.D., University of Arizona

*Deborah Naybor (2015), Associate Professor — Environment Studies 
    A.A.S., Paul Smith's College; B.S., Empire State College; M.P.S., University of Connecticut; M.A., Ph.D., University of Buffalo

Maureen Pellerin (), Adjunct Professor — Environment & Society 
     B.A., St. Lawrence University; M.S., SUNY Plattsburgh

*Joseph Riley (2023), Instructor — Forestry 
     A.A.S., Paul Smith's College

Annie Rochon (2012), Associate Professor — Languages
    B.A., Concordia University; M.S., SUNY Plattsburgh; Graduate Certificate, Yale School of Management 

Kelli Rodriguez (2019), Adjunct Professor — Psychology
    Psy.D. California Southern University

Sara Rogers (2019), Lecturer — Environment & Society

Rebecca H. Romeo (2011), Professor — English
    A.A.S., Alfred Ag and Tech; B.S., Cornell University; M.S. Ed., SUNY Plattsburgh; M.S.Ed., Grand Canyon University

Elizabeth Schuyler (2022), Assistant Professor — Environmental Science

Christopher Sheach (2022), Assistant Professor — Disaster Management and Response
    M.A., Royal Roads University, PhD, Oklahoma State University

*David Simmons (2012), Instructor — Forestry 
    A.A.S., B.S., Paul Smith’s College

Lee Ann Sporn (2006), Professor — Biology
    B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Rochester

Curtis J. Stager (1987), Professor — Natural Science
    B.A., Bowdoin College; Ph.D., Duke University

*Rebecca Sutter (2008), Professor — Mathematics & Disaster Management 
    A.A., Paul Smith’s College; B.S., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry; M.S., SUNY Potsdam; M.S.P.C., Columbia University

Randall W. Swanson (1989), Professor — Forestry
    B.S., M.S., University of Michigan; Certificate in Education, University of Vermont 

Valorie Titus (2023), Associate Professor — Natural Resources Conservation and Management
    B.S., Cazenovia College; M.S., Murray State University; Ph.D., Binghamton University

Amanda Vincent (2017), Adjunct Professor — Environment & Society 
     B.A., Siena College; M.S., SUNY Plattsburgh 

Justin Waskiewicz (2017), Associate Professor — Forestry
    B.S., M.S., Northern Arizona University; Ph.D., University of Maine; Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, Northern Arizona University

Marlyse Waskiewicz (2017), Assistant Professor — Baking Arts
    A.A.S., Eastern Maine Community College; B.S., Northern Arizona University


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