Grading System

Grading System

Paul Smith’s College provides both interim grades and final grades each semester. Only the final grades appear on the student’s transcript.

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed for each semester, and cumulatively at the end of each semester and other Paul Smith’s College sessions.

Grades are recorded by letter. Quality Points (QP) are awarded as shown in the following table.

Numerical Grade Letter Grade Quality Points
95-100 A+ 4.0
90-94 A 4.0
85-89 B+ 3.5
80-84 B 3.0
75-79 C+ 2.5
70-74 C 2.0
65-69 D+ 1.5
60-64 D 1.0
0-59 F 0.0

All grades submitted to the Registrar by faculty will be reported in letters, except as indicated below:

  • P or F (Pass/Fail) – Awarded only in specifically-designated courses
  • WD – Student withdrew from the College after the fourth week of term
  • WF/WP – A transcript notation that the student withdrew from the course during the period after the fourth week through the first full week past midterm examinations
  • AU – Course was audited; no credit or grade given
  • NG – Little or no student work for the purpose of grade determination; used only during the interim grading period
  • INC - In the case of student illness, or some other justifiable delay in certain work, an instructor may report an Incomplete (INC) to the Registrar’s Office. The student must have completed a minimum of two thirds (66.7%) of the required coursework for that course. An Incomplete grade must be approved by the Department Chair of the faculty member. In the event that the student does not complete the necessary work by the specific date indicated on the “Request for Incomplete” form or, at the latest, by the end of the sixth week of the next full academic semester, a final grade of “F” will replace the Incomplete (INC) grade. If the course for which the Incomplete (INC) is being reported is a prerequisite for another course, the student may not take that course until the Incomplete (INC) has been changed to a passing grade. A grade of Incomplete (INC) may not be given at the midterm grading period.
  • DEF (Deferred Final Grade) – Entered only for the Capstone Project course, as an interim grade subject to completion of the Capstone Project. It is given in the case of student illness, or some other justifiable delay in certain work, by the Capstone Coordinator and with the approval of his or her Department Chair and the Provost. In the event that the student does not complete the Capstone Project by the end of the next full semester, a grade of “F” will replace the “deferral” unless an exception is granted by the Provost.

A student may repeat any course taken at Paul Smith’s College. All attempts will remain on the student’s record (unless the student withdraws within the no-penalty period). The last attempt is the grade of record and the only one included in the computation of the Grade Point Average. Courses attempted after graduation will not be computed and will not change the academic record at the time of graduation. If a failed course has been removed from the curriculum, the student may meet graduation requirements by course substitution if they have a written recommendation from the appropriate Department Chair. (In such a case, the failed course is not to be included in the computation of credit hours or GPA.)

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