Refund Policy

Refund Policy

PSC Title IV Refund Policy

The institution’s policy regarding the distribution of any refund due to the Title IV programs is outlined below:

  • 1st to Federal Family Educational Loans
  • 2nd to Federal Pell Grant
  • 3rd to Federal SEOG
  • 4th to Institutional Grant or Scholarship
  • 5th to Student/Family
  • The institution’s policy regarding repayment for students who receive disbursement(s) of Title IV financial aid for payment of non-institutional costs is stated as follows:
    • The refund formula calculation is first used to determine the amount of overpayment to be refunded. The tuition and fees refund policy is also used at this time.
    • Next, the distribution policy stated above is used.
    • Once the amount of overpayment has been determined using the above calculations, the College contacts the student for repayment. The College will bill the student and maintain a receivable account until the obligation is paid.

Students Changing Residential Status

No refunds will be made for the room charge when a resident student changes his/her status to non-resident after the beginning of the term, nor when the student has been removed from a residence hall for disciplinary action. All residential students MUST participate in the Board Plan.

Student Withdrawals

The complete Withdrawal Policy can be found in Academic Policies and Procedures under Withdrawal.

All withdrawals will be calculated on the day the student or his/her parent(s) have completed the necessary withdrawal procedures with the Academic Success Center. The schedule for tuition, room, board and fee refunds to be credited is:

Withdrawal during first 3 days 100%
Withdrawal during first or second week 75%
Withdrawal during third or fourth week 50%
Withdrawal during fifth week 25%
Withdrawal after fifth week 0%

Note: The refund policy may be amended at any time to comply with new federal and or state regulations.

Once the amount of the refund is calculated by the Student Accounts Office, an administrative fee of $100 will be deducted from the refund. This fee covers associated expenses related to establishing classes, room and board reservations, and changes thereto.

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