Surveying Minor

Program Codes: SRV

Land Surveying involves a combination of engineering oriented mathematics, history and the law. Students in the minor will be applying mathematical calculations to determine locations and to assess the precision and accuracy of their measurements. As boundary laws and regulations are intrinsic to a surveyor’s scope of work throughout the US, students will also learn about specific law cases and how they apply to local, state and federal property regulations. When determining boundary and property issues, the surveyor is often required to determine past owners of the property and associated properties, which requires knowledge of the local history and how to research it.

For the last several years the field of land surveying has been experiencing an increase in labor demand of +11% (  A student who adds the Surveying Technology Minor will have the opportunity to pursue an additional career path than just the one associated with their degree. When the student graduates with this minor, they will have the knowledge and skills to enter the Land Surveying workforce as a contributing member and pursue a career in the Land Surveying field.

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Introductory Courses

Choose one pair of introductory courses:

  • SRV 100  AND  SRV 101
  • SRV 201  AND  SRV  240



Required Course

Computer Mapping Course



Imagery Course


Restricted Elective Course




Total Credits 18

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Dr. Brett McLeod

Pickett Hall 107



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