Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The date following each person's name indicates the year that the individual became a member.
* Indicates Paul Smith's College Alumni

Officers and members as of August 21, 2020


Mark Dzwonczyk (2016), Chairman of the Board (2019-present)
COO, Q Analysts, San Jose, CA

Angela Noble-Grange (2013), Co-Vice Chairman
Faculty Member, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Katharine H. Welling (2004), Co-Vice Chairman
Board of Trustees, Wilton Library, Wilton, CT

*David Blye,’81 (2018), Treasurer
President/Principal Chemist, Environmental Standards, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

*Karen Regen-Baum,’83 (2017), Secretary
Hotel and marketing management, Germantown, MD


Stuart H. Angert (2002)
Business Consultant, Amherst, NY

Paul Avery (2011)
Business Consultant, Tampa, FL

Lisa Baron (2019)
Executive Board Chair, Friends of the GardenAerial (dba Greentopia), Rochester, NY

Paul M. Cantwell, Jr. (1993)
Principal Attorney, Cantwell & Cantwell, Malone, NY

Jill Choate-Beier (2019)
Founding Partner, Beier & Associates, Lake Placid, NY

Paul F. Ciminelli (2004)
President and Chief Executive Officer, Ciminelli Development Company, Inc., Eggertsville, NY

Dennis Curtin (2017)
Business Consultant, Plattsburgh, NY

Mark Driscoll (2020)
Principal, McWhorter Driscoll, Lake Placid, NY

Peter P. Forrence (2013)
Co-owner, Forrence Orchards, Peru, NY

Robert Fox (2014)
VP, Wendy's Restaurants of Rochester, NY

Pauline Jennett (2014)
Consultant, MBA Exchange, NY, NY

Anthony L. Johnson (2008)
Partner, Buffalo BioSciences, Buffalo, NY

Dwayne Mahoney (2014)
Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of Rochester, NY

*Daniel Palladino,’94 (2020)
Partner, Palladino Farms and Heritage Hill Brewhouse, Pompey, NY

*Ken Raymond, '68 (2016)
President and CEO, Prime Companies, Cohoes, NY

Thomas R. Rogers (2012)
President and CEO, Lewis Tree Service, Inc., West Henrietta, NY

E. Philip Saunders, (1991) Chairman Emeritus (2016-present)
Chairman and Chief Executive Offices, Saunders Management Company, Rochester, NY

Daniel D. Tessoni, Ph.D. (2011)
Faculty Member, Saunders College of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Elizabeth Thorndike, Ph.D. (2011)
Consultant, Ithaca, NY

Ex-officio Trustees

Jon C. Strauss, Ph.D.
President of Paul Smith’s College

*Scott Van Laer,’93
Alumni Board President

Trustees Emeriti

*Donald O. Benjamin,’56 (Served as Trustee 1973-1995), Port Charlotte, FL
*Ralph Blum,’54 (Served as Trustee 1988-2008), Treasure Isle, FL
*Richard C. Cattani,’64 (Served as Trustee 1987-2009, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1997-2005), Hoboken, NJ
*John T. Dillon,’58 (Served as Trustee 1982-1992), Greenwich, CT
*John W. Herold,’65 (Served as Trustee 1976-1996), Scottsdale, AZ
Sheila Hutt (Served as Trustee 1985-2007), Blue Mountain Lake, NY
*Caroline Lussi,’60 (Served as Trustee 1984-88, 1998-2013), Lake Placid, NY
Joan H. Weill (Served as Trustee 1992-2011, Chairman of the Board 2005-2010), NY, NY


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