Active Military Duty

Paul Smith’s students called to active military duty have the following options.

  • Receive course grades for the current semester, or incompletes for all courses, if approved by your professors.
  • Receive administrative drops with a refund for some courses and grades/incompletes in other courses, if approved by your professors.
  • Withdraw from all current semester courses with a full refund of tuition and fees.

Steps to follow when leaving the College for active military duty

  1. Provide a copy of your military orders to the Registrar’s Office. If you choose to complete the semester courses via an incomplete and if time permits, please follow the appropriate procedures for course completion. If your professor approves an incomplete grade, you and your professor should complete an Incomplete Grade Form, which is available in the Registrar’s Office. The Incomplete Grade Form must be initiated by the instructor, and state the reason for the incomplete grade(s), as follows: “Called to Active Military Duty”.
  2. In the event that your military obligation does not permit adequate time to finalize grades or withdrawal, please contact the Director of the Academic Success Center. The Director will act on your behalf to inform the appropriate persons and/or departments of your call to active military duty, and assist to finalize grades or withdrawal. Any grading options and planning for course completion, as agreed upon by your professors, will be documented for you. You will be asked to advise the Director of the Academic Success Center whether you wish to accept the grading option available to you. If administrative drops or a withdrawal are to be processed, your academic advisor should initiate them. Reasons for withdrawal/administrative drop should clearly state “Called to Active Military Duty”

Departments to contact in the event of call to active military duty

  • Academic Advisor: Inform your advisor of your military call up.
  • Department Chairs’ Office: If you experience any difficulties or need assistance in matters relating to your military call up: 518.327.6232
  • Registrar’s Office: 518.327.6231, to communicate your military call up and future plans. Please tell us if you are receiving Veteran’s Benefits
  • Financial Aid Office: 518.327.6220, if you are receiving financial aid
  • Student Life & Housing: 518.327.6440, as appropriate, if you are living in College housing

Your final decision of the option you wish to pursue depends on your individual situation, the time remaining in the academic semester, and the course completion agreements. Contact the Registrar’s Office, 518.327.6231, to discuss your military call up status and to answer any questions regarding the above procedures/options.

Service-Members Opportunity College (SOC) Consortium

Students enrolled at Paul Smith’s College while on active duty with the armed forces need complete only 25% of the degree requirements at Paul Smith’s College, and need not complete the last semester in residence. All courses taken at other institutions must be approved by the Department Chair responsible for the courses, following the procedures established for approval of transfer credit. Paul Smith’s College adheres to the guidelines of the SOC for service member students.

Standards of Progress for Veterans

See Standards of Academic Progress-Standards of Progress for Veterans above

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