The Testing, Tutoring, and Writing Centers

The Testing, Tutoring, and Writing Centers

The Testing Center

The Testing Center offers a proctored, alternative location for students who receive academic accommodations and require extended time to complete exams/quizzes. The Testing Center is also available for any student who needs to complete a make-up exam/quiz (faculty permission required). Any student using the Testing Center must schedule their exam/quiz at least 3 business days in advance to ensure proper exam arrangements and appropriate testing environment. The Testing Center is located in Hammermill Library, Room 225. Please visit the Testing Center’s HUB page for more information about the Testing Center, hours of operation, and to schedule your exam.

The Testing Center also serves as a proctoring site for non-Mercyhurst community members for a fee. To schedule a non-Mercyhurst affiliated exam in the Testing Center, please contact Learning Support Services.

The Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center is a free service available to all Mercyhurst undergraduate students. Tutors offer one-on-one and/or small group tutoring in most REACH subject areas along with 100 and 200 level major courses. Tutors are current students who have demonstrated mastery over the content area. All tutors are recommended or approved by their faculty at Mercyhurst and maintain a high cumulative grade point average. The Tutoring Center strives to provide a comprehensive offering of available subjects to accommodate tutoring needs. If a tutor is not available for a requested course, the Tutoring Center staff make every effort to connect students with appropriate supports.

Students seeking tutoring can request a tutor through the online appointment system found on the Tutoring Center’s HUB page.

The Writing Center

Writing is a central activity for college students and learning how to write well in a variety of modes is crucial to the success of every student. Mercyhurst’s Writing Center supports student learning and success by providing assistance to all students at any stage of the writing process. The focus of the Center is on the improvement of the student’s understanding of their writing and revision abilities rather than the correction of writing projects. Students may bring any project to the Writing Center, such as personal essays, research papers, résumés, business letters, or lab reports. The Writing Center is located on the main level of the Library.

Students taking online courses offered through the Office for Distance Learning submit writing projects through the Online Writing Center (OWC) and may request either a virtual writing consultation or a Document Review. Access to the OWC is through the Writing Center's HUB page.

Please visit the Writing Center’s HUB page for more information about the Center, its hours of operation, and information on how to schedule a consultation.


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