Student Grievance Policy

Student Grievance Policy

Mercyhurst University believes that disputes or problems should be discussed openly; the facts presented and fairly considered to settle the matter efficiently.

Differences are usually best resolved amicably and informally through effective communication. If a student has an academic concern related to a course, faculty member, or program, it is best to go to the professor first for resolution. The student can also ask for assistance from their academic or faculty advisor. If these initial attempts to resolve the dispute are not effective, the student should bring the issue to the Department Chair. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome at the level of the Department Chair, the process would be to go to the Dean of Faculty. If the Dean of Faculty is unable to resolve the issue to the student’s satisfaction, the student should bring the issue to the Office of Academic Affairs. In cases where the student is not comfortable going to the Department Chair or Dean of Faculty, they may bring the issue directly to the Office of Academic Affairs.

All oral and/or written materials presented for mediation under this policy will be treated in a way that recognizes the importance of confidentiality and privacy, while also allowing for proper resolution of the issue.

Students who wish to file a grievance involving any employee of Mercyhurst University are directed to contact the appropriate department director. If the grievance involves the director, the student may contact an administrator within the respective area. All grievances will be addressed within a reasonable timeframe with notification provided to the student and other involved parties.

If the complaint regards an incident of bias activity on campus, the university has a Bias Activity Response Protocol to respond to student and employee concerns about bias through a clear, sensitive process with this form.

Grievances involving concerns of illegal discrimination or harassment would be handled according to the Non-Discrimination policies and procedures. Mercyhurst University encourages those who have experienced any form of sex discrimination to report the incident promptly and to seek all available assistance. Mercyhurst University takes complaints very seriously and will work with complainants to ensure their safety and to remedy the situation.

An individual may file a complaint alleging a violation of Title IX against any Mercyhurst student, Mercyhurst employee, or third party. Complaints may include claims of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or any other forms of sexual misconduct against the complainant or against others. The complainant may choose to file a criminal complaint with the appropriate local or state authorities.

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Ann Miller, by phone 814-824-2363,  email, or use this form to file a complaint of sex discrimination. The Sexual Misconduct Policy and grievance procedures are available in the Student Handbook.

In case of an immediate threat or emergency, call Police & Safety at 814-824-3911, or dial 911 for local law enforcement.

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