ADA Accommodations

ADA Accommodations

Accommodation Process


Mercyhurst University values inclusion and is committed to the goal of providing equal opportunities for all. Mercyhurst abides by federal, state, and local laws in admissions, employment, and all services and programs provided. Mercyhurst University is committed to complying with its obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA), Titles I and II of the ADA of 1990, and Sections 503 & 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Fair Housing Act to ensure that a person with a disability is granted reasonable accommodations when such accommodations are necessary to afford that person equal opportunity to obtain a Mercyhurst education and use university facilities.

In order to receive accommodation through the university, the requesting individual is required to complete the Online Accommodation Request Application and submit supporting documentation from a medical or other qualified provider for review by the Mercyhurst University ADA Committee. Processing of accommodation requests begins after both the Online Accommodation Request Application is completed and the appropriate supporting documentation is received. The ADA Committee will make the determination whether a covered disability exists. In cases where a covered disability exists, the ADA Coordinator will begin working with the requesting individual in an interactive process to provide reasonable accommodation. Please note that the university cannot provide accommodation that is not requested through this process.


Steps to Request Reasonable Accommodations

  1. Complete the Online Accommodation Request Application:
  2. Obtain supporting documentation from a medical or other qualified provider (such as a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) that demonstrates credible assurance of a disability issue and directly supports the request for accommodation. Supporting documentation is kept on file with the ADA coordinator for verification purposes.

Supporting documentation should:

  • Be written on letterhead from the provider or facility; be legible and clear.
  • Include the requesting individual’s full name.
  • State the specific disability and date of diagnosis.
  • Describe the diagnostic methodology used to identify the specific disability. 
  • Describe the expected progression and/or stability of the disability.
  • Include recommendations to allow the requesting individual to participate fully and equally in the activity or program.
  • Include the appropriate official signature and contact information for the associated provider or facility.
  1. Submit supporting documentation via one of the options listed below:


  • Upload with the Online Accommodation Request Application
  • Email: with the requesting individual’s name in the subject line of the email


  • Fax: 814-824-2020 Attn: Susan Reddinger, ADA Coordinator

The university will carefully review information and documentation provided by the requesting individual and analyze each person’s individual needs. The university will engage in an interactive process to determine what accommodation may be reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances. The university need not provide accommodation that would fundamentally alter the essential characteristics or nature of a program. Likewise, the university need not provide the exact accommodation requested by the individual. The university may provide alternate accommodation as long as it is reasonable and appropriate to make the university’s programs, activities, services, and facilities accessible to that individual.

If the documentation provided does not meet the university’s requirements, it will not be accepted as the official documentation. The requesting individual will receive notice and will be asked to provide alternative supporting documentation. Individuals requesting additional accommodation after their initial approval may be asked to provide additional documentation.


Appeal Process

If the requesting individual is not satisfied with the determination of the ADA Committee, that individual may submit an appeal within seven calendar days of the decision. Appeals should be submitted to the ADA Coordinator at Appeals will be reviewed by an ADA Appeals Committee, composed of relevant senior administrators.


Grievance Procedure

Any individual who believes they have been denied the protections provided for in the Nondiscrimination Notice by the university should download and submit the Nondiscrimination Grievance Form to the ADA Coordinator. This form is available on Mercyhurst’s Nondiscrimination Policy page. Should you not be able to complete this form online, a verbal complaint may be made to the ADA Coordinator at 814-824-2362 or a written complaint may be submitted by email to

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