Academic Support

Academic Support


Academic Support is a collaborative team providing a systematic and comprehensive approach to addressing student academic needs and partnering with faculty to enhance the academic experience. The Office of Academic Support offers professional advising and academic support to create a “one-stop shop” for students. Our professional staff partner with students and faculty to enhance their academic experience at Mercyhurst University. The Office is committed to collaborative engagement within the campus community in an effort to improve student success, persistence, and retention. Academic Counselors play a significant role at Mercyhurst by working individually with students to help them achieve their academic goals. Academic Counselors also partner with faculty to provide a dual-advising experience to all students at Mercyhurst.


The Office of Academic Support is the “go to” office for students at Mercyhurst University. Mercyhurst has a unique dual advising system. Each student is assigned an Academic Counselor as well as a Faculty Advisor. Academic Counselors provide students with general advising guidance related to their academic career. Academic Counselors work with students, faculty, and university administrators to ensure a positive experience for all members of our community. They can assist students with most issues they may encounter, such as:

  • Providing general academic guidance and academic advising
  • Implementing academic success strategies and plans
  • Navigating the college environment
  • Exploring interest areas and majors
  • Finding a peer tutor
  • Understanding the REACH liberal arts curriculum
  • Addressing academic performance concerns
  • Making sense of academic procedures and policies
  • Connecting with other campus resources.

Major Exploration

Choosing a major might be daunting and students are sometimes unsure where to even begin. Academic Support is available to guide students who come to Mercyhurst as an undeclared major (Exploratory Studies) or who are considering changing their current major. The Academic Support team utilizes personality and interest inventories to help students to examine their values, interests, and skills more closely. Students are also strongly encouraged to attend the annual Majors & Minors Fair to learn more about Mercyhurst’s undergraduate majors. Students who start their academic career as an undeclared major should plan to declare a major by the end of the fall semester of their sophomore year. Students who come to Mercyhurst with a declared major but want to explore other options should connect with an academic counselor to begin the process.

Academic Counselors are available on the first floor of Egan Hall.


Academic Advantage Program

The Academic Advantage Program is a structured, inclusive academic program designed to help with the transition to college while fostering skills that encourage academic success and career readiness. Students participating in the program, with assistance from a professional Academic Counselor, design an individualized academic plan.

The Academic Advantage Program is a fee-based service.

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