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High School Scholars Program

High School Scholars Program

High school students, age 15 or older and in their sophomore year at the time of registration, may take college courses for credit if they have completed the prerequisites the course(s) require.  To register for a course, all students must complete the High School Scholars application (available online for to download), have the recommendation of their school guidance counselor, and parent/guardian permission.

Students may attend classes on the Middlesex County College campus, at the New Brunswick or Perth Amboy Centers, or at any of the off-campus locations. High schools may partner with Middlesex County College to provide dual enrollment courses during the regular school day. Where there is sufficient interest, courses may be offered on the school premises after regular school hours.

For on-campus and in-district courses, students pay $125 per course.   For more information, call 732.906.2554.

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