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To obtain the maximum benefit from educational opportunities, students must establish habits of regular class attendance. The College values educational growth that results from such class attendance where ideas and concepts, social development, knowledge, and success derive from the interaction of students and faculty. Therefore:

  1. Students are expected to attend all classes, laboratories, and clinical sessions for which they are enrolled.
  2. While students are graded solely on the basis of quality and quantity of work, as stated in the course goals, objectives, and grading requirements distributed by the instructor at the beginning of each term. Students are responsible for all subject matter presented or assigned and should understand that work or tests missed may jeopardize their grades.
  3. Students whose absence is caused by personal illness or serious personal matters should contact their instructors and may be allowed to make up work when possible. It is the prerogative of the instructor to excuse absences provided the student will be able to fulfill course requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange promptly with the instructor to make up missed work that has been agreed to by the instructor. Excessive absences may result in not meeting the course objectives and a failing grade, as defined in the instructor’s grading requirements.
  4. Failure to attend a class does not constitute a withdrawal. Students who wish to officially withdraw from classes should adhere to College withdrawal policies and procedures.
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