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Academic Performance Notification

Academic Performance Notification

As part of a continuing effort to improve student success, faculty are encouraged to participate in Academic Performance Notification during the Fall and Spring semesters. This system identifies to the student an early semester indicator of academic performance in the course. Faculty can enter the WebAdvisor grading system and select from a group of codes that indicate what they see as the issue affecting student performance or if academic performance is satisfactory. 

The following are the codes assigned for Academic Performance Notification:

Academic Performance Notification Codes

  • EWM - Multiple Reasons
  • EWA - Attendance Insufficient
  • EWU - Unprepared for Class
  • EWF - Failing Paper, Quiz, Test
  • EWP - Participation Insufficient
  • SAS - Satisfactory Academic Standing

Students may view their academic performance notifications through WebAdvisor.

Academic performance notification codes do not appear on the official transcript and don't impact the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Students who receive a non-satisfactory performance code are strongly encouraged to discuss the grade with their instructor to get guidance on how they may improve their academic performance in the course.

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