Procedures for Appealing

Procedures for Appealing

  Procedures for Appealing

Students not meeting the minimum standards for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress described above are ineligible for federal and institutional aid. However, students may request reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility by submitting a written appeal to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. SAP Appeal requests must provide an explanation of the extenuating circumstances that contributed to a student’s failure to meet the minimum academic progress standards and a realistic academic plan for improvement.

If the Financial Aid Appeals Committee approves the appeal, the student will be placed on financial aid probation and possibly an academic plan. Financial aid is reinstated for the applicable payment period. Students should also meet with their faculty advisor for guidance on their academic plans throughout the academic year. The financial aid SAP appeal and outcome apply to financial aid only and are separate from any academic department appeals.

Students receive SAP appeal determinations in writing.

Deadlines to Appeal for SAP

Summer Term:           July 31, 2021

Fall Semester:            August 15, 2021

Spring Semester:       January 8, 2022