Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

The academic area of the University is organized into seven schools. Each school is coordinated by a faculty Dean who reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Schools are divided into separate departments – each of which offers a set of academic programs. Departments are administered by Chairpersons who coordinate their operations with the Dean of the respective school.


Joanne Hosey-McGurk, Ph.D. - Vice President for Academic Affairs

Associate Vice Presidents
     Andrea Barnett, MA - Student Services and Support 
     Dyan Jones, Ph.D. - Curriculum & Instruction 

School of the Arts 
     Dean: Jodi Staniunas-Hopper, MFA 
          Art, Design & Communication, Dance, Music 

School of Business and Applied Business 
     Dean: Peter Zohos, MBA 
          Business, Applied Business 

School of Health Professions 
     Dean: Janice Haas, PTA, MS 
          Nursing & Respiratory Therapy, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitative Services, Physician Assistant Studies 

School of the Humanities 
     Dean: Jeffrey Roessner, Ph.D. 
          Anthropology & World Languages, English, History, Religious Studies & Philosophy 

School of the Intelligence, Computing, & Global Politics 
     Dean: Brian Ripley, Ph.D. 
          Cyber Security & Data Science, Intelligence Studies, Political Science 

School of the Natural Sciences 
     Dean: Clinton Jones, Ph.D. 
          Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry Geology & Physics, Mathematics 

School of the Social and Behavioral Sciences 
     Dean: Maria Garase, Ph.D. 
          Applied Forensic Science, Education, Psychology, Social Justice & Community Health 

Strategic Initiatives
     AVP John Olszowka, Ph.D.