Graduate Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition and Fees

(For Full-Time and Part-Time Students)

Department of Study: Amount(Per 3-Credit Course):
Anthropology / Archaeology 2,865
Applied Behavioral Analysis 2,490
Applied Intelligence 2,865
Criminal Justice Administration 2,490
Cyber Security 2,865
Data Science 2,865
Nursing (MSN) 2,010
Organizational Leadership 2,490
Physician Assistant Studies 2,865
Risk Management 2,865
Secondary Education 2,490
Special Education 2,490
Teaching Excellence
Graduate (non-degree)



Required Graduate Program Fees Per Semester
(For Full-Time and Part-Time Students)


Fees Per Semester: Amount:
Registration 85
Technology Fee 110
Applied Intelligence Program Fee (9+ credits) 295
Applied Intelligence Program Fee (6-8 credits) 190
Applied Intelligence Program Fee (1-5 credits) 95
Cyber Security Program Fee 180
Data Science Program Fee 150
Physician Assistant Program Fee 1,125
Risk Management Program Fee 180


Occasional Fees

Fees: Amount:
I.D. / One Card 50
Zurn Science Lab Fee (per course) 285
PA Program Med Equipment Fee (One Time) 1,125
Distance Learning Fee (Per Graduate Course: BL or WEB) 85
Graduate Capstone Clinical Fee (6 credits) 545
Graduate Capstone Clinical Fee (3 credits) 275
Graduation Fee (Master’s Degree Only)
(Required even if the student does not participate in the ceremony)
Official Transcript of Credits 10
Organizational Leadership Fee For Course (OL 628: HR Professional Skills) 585
Vehicle Registration Fee (per semester) 50


Financial Penalties

Penalties: Amount:
$200-$999 25
$1,000-$1,499 50
$1,500-$1,999 75
$2,000-$3,499 150
$3,500-$4,999 200
$5,000-$5,999 250
$6,000 and up 300
Room Change 100
Returned Check 75
Stop Payment / Reissued Check 25
Late Registration Fee 300


Semester Billing Due Dates for 2020-21

Summer Sessions 2020:                           June 26, 2020

Fall Semester 2020:                                   Aug. 7, 2020

Spring Semester 2021:                              Jan. 15, 2021


*On occasion, Mercyhurst enters into special tuition rate agreements with external partners (e.g., Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership). Agreements might be program specific. Contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions for more information.


All Fees Are Nonrefundable

Payment Policy for: Tuition, Fees, Room and Meal Plan

When students register for courses, they assume a legal obligation to pay for tuition, fees, and all related charges. Registration for a given semester is not complete until all charges are paid by the billing due dates, or until acceptable payment arrangements have been made with Student Financial Services prior to the due date. Students must be actively registered to reside in campus housing, receive student meal plan privileges, and receive all other university services and amenities.

Student Financial Services participates in 100% online, real-time billing. EBills are accessible via the Mercyhurst student Hub ( Notifications are sent to a student’s Mercyhurst email address. Students are encouraged to grant guest access to any family member who might have an interest in viewing or paying a student’s bill. Full instructions areavailable on the student Hub. Summer 2020 bills are available via the eBill the last week of May and are due on or before June 26, 2020. Fall semester bills are available the last week of June and are due on or before Aug. 7, 2020. Spring semester bills are available in early December and are due on or before Jan. 15, 2021.