Draft Horse Management

Course Code:
FOR 270
Course Group(s):
Degree Applicable, ENST: Practitioner Skills Cluster, FORT: Forest Technology Cluster, Integrative Studies: FOR Program Options, Integrative Studies: NRCM Program Options, Integrative Studies: SCWL Program Options, Lab Courses, NRCM: Practitioner Skills Cluster, SCM: Practitioner Electives, SCWL: Sustainable Practitioner Cluster, SUST: Sustainable Practitioner Cluster
Course Description:
This course introduces the student to the care, management, and use of draft horses in a variety of work situations. Lectures focus on care, maintenance, anatomy, and facility requirements for optimum management. Laboratories will concentrate on handling, harnessing, and driving horses in a variety of applications (i.e., one-horse, two-horse team, log skidding, wagon driving.) (2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab).
Coreq: FOR 270 Lecture, FOR 270 Lab
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