Program Name Degree Type Department Careers
Arboriculture and Landscape Management A.A.S. Forestry
Arboriculture Certificate Cert Forestry
Baking and Pastry Arts - AAS A.A.S. Culinary Management
Baking and Pastry Arts - AOS A.O.S. Culinary Management
Baking Arts and Service Management B.P.S. Culinary Management
Baking Certificate Cert Culinary Management
Biology B.S. Natural Science
Biology Minor Minor Natural Science
Botany Minor Minor Natural Science
Chemistry Minor Minor Natural Science
Communication B.S. Business & Hospitality
Craft Beer Studies and Management Minor Minor Business & Hospitality
Culinary - AOS A.O.S. Culinary Management
Culinary Certificate Cert Culinary Management
Culinary Management B.P.S. Culinary Management
Disaster Management and Response B.S. Forestry
Ecological Restoration B.S. Natural Science
Entrepreneurial Business Minor Minor Business & Hospitality
Environmental Communications Minor Minor Environment & Society
Environmental Sciences B.S. Natural Science
Environmental Studies B.A. Environment & Society
Environmental Studies Minor Minor Environment & Society
Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences B.S. Natural Science
Forest Technology A.A.S. Forestry
Forestry - Ecological Forest Management Concentration B.S. Forestry
Forestry - Forest Biology Concentration B.S. Forestry
Forestry - Forest Operations Concentration B.S. Forestry
Forestry Minor Minor Forestry
Geographic Information Systems Minor Minor Forestry
Hotel and Restaurant Management A.A.S. Business & Hospitality
Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management B.S. Business & Hospitality
Human Health and the Environment B.S. Natural Science
Integrative Studies AA/AS A.A. Environment & Society
Integrative Studies BA/BS B.S. Environment & Society
Management B.S. Business & Hospitality
Maple Production and Products Minor Minor Forestry
Natural Resource Conservation & Management B.S. Environment & Society
Natural Resources Conservation M.S. Graduate Studies
Park & Conservation Management B.S. Environment & Society
Psychology B.S. Environment & Society
Recreation, Adventure Education and Leisure Management B.S. Environment & Society
Restaurant Management B.P.S. Culinary Management
Surveying Minor Minor Forestry
Sustainability B.S. Environment & Society
Sustainable Communities Minor Minor Environment & Society
Wildland Firefighting Minor Minor Forestry