BS Geology - Geoarchaeology Concentration

Program Codes: BSGEOLGA
Bachelor of Science

The Department of Geology offers courses leading, to Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science, (B.S.) degree in Geology. Students seeking a, degree in Geology are required to take core, Geology courses plus two additional electives., Students must also complete a senior capstone, project, which requires four courses. These are, an additional 6 cognate courses in math, physics,, and chemistry. The required coursework in these, subjects depends on whether a student pursues a, B.A. or B.S. degree. Students who expect to, attend graduate school after graduation are, strongly encouraged to pursue the B.S. degree.

Geology Major Core Courses:

Two additional geology elective courses numbered 200 or above are required. It is strongly recommended that students interested in Geoarchaeology for graduate studies and/or a career, take both GEOL 215/216 and GEOL 430/431. Students considering graduate school are strongly recommended to pursue the B.S. degree.

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Geology Major Capstone Courses

Before registering for Capstone courses students must complete GEOL 100 and GEOL 102 and get permission of the instructor.

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* ANTH 390 Research and Design May be Substituted for GEOL 410


Geology Major Elective Courses:

Subject to department chair approval, one course numbered 200 or above in mathematics/computer systems or the natural sciences may count as one geology elective course. Students pursuing the Earth and Space Science concentration may count either SCI 118/119 Astronomy and Lab or GEOL 203/204 Voyages to the Terrestrial Planets and Lab as one of their two elective Geology courses.

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B.S. Cognate Courses:

One additional math course beyond MATH 118 and either PHYS 102/106 or an additional course in mathematics/computer systems or natural sciences are required. Subject to department chair approval. Students considering graduate school are strongly encouraged to take MATH 171 Calculus II.

Geoarchaeology Concentration Courses:
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