Anthropology/Archaeology - Archaeology Concentration

Program Codes: BAARCHA
Bachelor of Arts

Anthropologists (including specialists in archaeology) are scientists who investigate human diversity in the past and present. Today’s anthropologists are interested in applying insights from the study of human cultural, biological, and linguistic diversity and change to contribute to contemporary local and global issues. Our graduates are trained in critical thinking, pattern recognition, problem solving, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and intercultural skills.

Job diversity is a hallmark of careers in anthropology. Anthropologists work not just in exotic field locations but urban settings, corporate firms, museums, government jobs, law enforcement, non-profits, and a wide range of social- and community-focused arenas.

Mercyhurst University’s program in Anthropology and Archaeology is characterized by hands-on training in current field and laboratory methods and theory with highly individualized mentoring. We prepare students to design and execute original research studies and become leaders in their field.

Students regularly participate in faculty research projects with opportunities for professional development, such as conference presentations and peerreviewed publications. They also acquire real-world experience and training through our professional partnerships.

Anthropology is a broad field that integrates with other disciplines. The Department of Anthropology/Archaeology also has a special relationship with the Biology, Applied Forensic Sciences, Geology, and History Departments. Our students take course in these departments in fulfillment of their concentrations and doublemajor or minor in these subject areas.

The Department of Anthropology/Archaeology offers courses leading to Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Anthropology/ Archaeology. Bachelor of Science degrees offer a deeper grounding in the scientific subject matter and methods of anthropology and achaeology, supporting course work in related fields (biology, geology, and chemistry), and additional experiential learning in rigorous laboratory excercises. Students may follow a general B.A. course of study, or specialize in one of 3 concentrations in a B.A. or B.S. track.

Mission Statement
Our department is committed to the education and training of the next generation of Anthropologists and Archaeologists. As a four-field discipline concerned with the cultural and biological expressions of humanity past and present, Anthropology is a diverse endeavor characterized by approaches and methodologies drawn from both the sciences and the humanities. Therefore, a wide range of core information, concepts, methodologies, as well as the ability to mobilize these resources critically and independently, form the skill set that we strive to impart to our students.

Anthropology/Archaeology Minor
ANTH 107 Language and Culture - 3 Credits

ANTH 112 World Cultures - 3 Credits

ANTH 120/121 Physical Anthropology and Lab - 4 Credits

ANTH 130/131 Archaeology and Lab - 4 Credits

Four additional Anthropology and Archaeology courses above 200.

Program Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts and field/ laboratory methods in Anthropology/ Archaeology.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills, including oral and written presentations of synthesized and analyzed Anthropological/ Archaeological materials and literature.
  • Distinguish, synthesize, and evaluate the theoretical and ethical underpinnings of Anthropology or Archaeology.
  • Critically apply Anthropological/Archaeological concepts and data to new contexts.
  • Design and conduct Anthropological Research using appropriate techniques and procedures.
Program Requirements:

All Anthropology/Archaeology students complete 9 required departmental core courses (29 credits), Statistics (3 credits), and successfully complete the intermediate level of a foreign language (3-9 credits).

Students seeking a B.A. with an Archaeology Concentration must complete an additional 6 courses (22-23 credits),  Physical Geology and Lab (4 credits), and 2 additional Anthropology/ Archaeology courses numbered above 200. 

All Anthropology/Archaeology majors must maintain an overall 2.75 GPA, and a 3.0 GPA in Anthropology/ Archaeology major courses. Grades of D or lower will have to be repeated. Students will be evaluated in the summer following their sophomore year. Students failing to achieve the minimum GPA will receive a degree of General Science with an Anthropology/Archaeology Minor.

Anthropology/Archaeology Major Core Courses



Archaeology Concentration B.A. Required Courses






Area/Thematic Study Required Courses - Choose One (1)

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Area/Thematic Study Elective Courses (6 Credits)

2 additional Anthropology/Archaeology courses numbered above 200.

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Cognate Courses



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9 credits of Foreign Language Courses

Degrees & Certificates
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