Business Administration - Management

Program Codes: ASBUSMGT
Associate of Science

Students enrolled in this program are introduced to the fundamentals of economics, accounting, management, and marketing. In addition, some upper-level coursework in human resources and computer applications is provided. The Business Division recognizes the importance of communication and mathematics. Hence, a significant amount of coursework in the program focuses on the development of these skills. Upon completion of this program, graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions in administration, marketing, manufacturing, and sales. With experience, one may qualify for promotion to a higher-level supervisory position in management.


Program Outcomes:

• Demonstrate knowledge and functions of accounting.

• Demonstrate knowledge and functions of management.

• Demonstrate knowledge and functions of marketing.

• Demonstrate knowledge and functions of economics.

• Demonstrate proficiency in computer applications.

• Demonstrate specialized knowledge in concentration courses.

Program Requirements:

A minimum of 60 credits is required for the completion of this associate degree program. Students must earn an overall 2.0 GPA along with a minimum grade of a 2.0 in all concentration required courses. Any concentration required course(s) with a grade less than a 2.0 must be repeated.

Two (2) Business electives required (6 credits)
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