North East Student Life

North East Student Life

While students will invest a great deal of time and effort on their academic studies, it’s a commonly referenced fact that students will spend, on average, more than85% of their time outside the classroom. Aside from studying, there are a wide variety of extracurricular and social events for students to enjoy.

Making the most of the Mercyhurst experience means choosing to be an engaged member of the campus community. Research shows that an engaged student is more likely to succeed. We encourage students to join a club or organization, attend campus activities, participate in a variety of service and leadership events, and to take part in the various athletic and cultural events on campus. The core of student life at Mercyhurst North East is the Student Government Association (SGA).

This high-energy group of elected student representatives promotes clubs and organizations, offers community service opportunities, and presents a lively, diverse schedule of activities, events, and outreach throughout the year. SGA also serves as the liaison between the student body and the administration.

SGA offices are located above the Student Union, a central location for students to get involved with campus activities and meet new people. The Student Union is an environment in which students can interact and participate in a range of activities. There are pool and foosball tables, two flat-screen TVs, lounge areas equipped with tables and electrical outlets for studying, and a kitchenette equipped with a microwave and sink, all compliments of SGA. The Student Union is an ideal meeting and event space for student clubs and organizations, group projects, socializing, or even curling up in a pod, completing homework or chatting with friends.

Students are also encouraged to participate in the National Society of Leadership and Success. This non-credit bearing program is designed to recognize and develop the leadership potential of students. It allows participants to discover their own leadership interests and styles while developing specific leadership skills. The program spans the academic year, allowing students to build networks with other student leaders while building a strong leadership component for their resume. It is a dynamic, high-quality program utilizing a combination of videoconferencing with nationally recognized speakers, a leadership training day, goal setting, success networking, team meetings and written reflection. After successful completion of the requirements, students are inducted into the Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society.

Mercyhurst North East has a number of recognized Student Clubs/Organizations (RSCO) that students can join. Every fall semester, the Division of Student Life launches the Annual RSCO Fair, an excellent opportunity for students to get involved and network. Listed below are the current clubs and organizations.

Criminal Justice Club, Hospitality and Culinary Arts Club, LPN Student Nurses Association, Occupational Therapy Assistant Club, Physical Therapist Assistant Club, Respiratory Therapist Club, Information Technology, and RN Student Nurses Association and Social Services Club.

Service and Leadership
Sigma Alpha Pi - the National Society of Leadership & Success, Student Government Association (SGA), Saints in Service Club, and Student Activities Council (SAC).

Special Interest
Campus Ministry, Choir, and Health& Wellness Club. If you are interested in starting an RSCO that is not represented, Student Government will assist you with the process. Watch for more details in the caMpusNEws weekly email newsletter or contact:

Michelle Simpson

Commuter Student Services
Often people emphasize the differences between commuting and residential university experiences. As first-year students, however, both groups share a great deal: the goal of succeeding academically, the need to fit in with campus culture, and the desire for lasting friendships. We urge commuters to use fully the Mercyhurst services and opportunities for study and socialization. Commuters have a home away from home in our Student Union.

A significant factor in a successful commuter experience is the amount of time the student spends on campus. This is critical in the first year. Sometimes commuters resist attending events or participating in the co-curricular setting, especially when those activities compete with time spent working, studying and with their family. However, these activities are essential: they are designed to connect students with each other and to the resources of the university. Once classes have begun, commuters can enjoy the routine of attending classes if they extend their time on campus. Rather than driving home after a class, the student can enjoy a quick lunch, a workout in the fitness center, or focused study time in the library.

Student Government coordinates and hosts a variety of commuter outreach programs such as Free Lunch on the Run and events like Food for Finals. There are family-friendly events in which students with families are encouraged to participate including movie night, homecoming, Winter Fest, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Spring Fling and the end of the year festival.

Commuting? Ride the e!
Mercyhurst University has partnered with Student Government as well as the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority (EMTA) to offer transportation services. There are designated runs from Erie to North East Township each weekday, affording students an excellent opportunity to commute to campus for free. This service is provided 40 weeks out of the year, including the 10-week Summer Session. Students and employees of all the Mercyhurst campuses can use the entire EMTA system free of charge simply by showing a Mercyhurst University ID with sticker. For a complete list of routes and offerings, visit:

Residence Life
The Office of Residence Life & Student Conduct is an integral part of the educational mission of the university. The residence life team strives to provide a living environment that encourages students to grow socially, culturally, and emotionally as well as academically.

A live-in staff assists and guides students when faced with a wide range of concerns from maintenance needs and room changes to issues of roommate conflicts, university policy enforcement, and adjustment to residential life.

Leading the live-in team is the Director of Student Life. The Director of Student Life lives in an on-campus residence and oversees the entire Residence Life Staff. The Director of Student Life works in conjunction with the Police and Safety department to ensure that the campus community is safe. In addition, the Director of Student Life works with the Residence Life team (Resident Directors and Resident Assistants) to enforce the community standards of MNE and help build a sense of community among the residents at MNE.

The Resident Directors (RD), master’s-level professionals who oversee the halls, supervise the staff, lead community building and developmental efforts, and review violations of the Student Conduct Code. The residence life team is made up of Resident Assistants (RA), students with upperclassman standing who maintain a close enduring contact with their residents. RAs are trained to serve as role models and to help new students adjust to campus life.

Resident Directors (RD) work with the RAs to manage the day-to-day activities for the residents. The team organizes activities throughout the year to relieve stress and build community among the residential students. In coping with new responsibilities and decisions, new students often worry in silence or follow the cues of inexperienced peers. Throughout their first year, new students can more readily solve problems and make wise choices by talking with their RD and/or RA. The Student Handbook & Conduct Code reflect the goals and standards of the university and the Catholic identity and heritage of the founding Sisters of Mercy. Each new student is challenged to respect the ethos of Mercyhurst University and its regulations, even when popular culture encourages different behaviors. The Student Conduct Code explains the standards for conduct, violation review, typical sanctions, and the appeal process.

A challenge frequently faced by new students is underage drinking. Mercyhurst requires its students to comply with all Pennsylvania laws relating to alcohol. Students found in violation of the policy face the possibility of fines, community restitution, and alcohol education classes, as well as other sanctions if appropriate. The alcohol policy is detailed in the Student Handbook.

Frequently students and their families ask about “break” housing. The Residence Halls close at the end of each academic semester and for major holidays. Generally, the halls close 24 hours after the last scheduled final exam of each semester and after the last scheduled class before the Christmas break. Students are encouraged to make their travel and break plans in advance. If a student must remain in residence, the student is required to seek permission from the Director of Student Life prior to the closing of the hall. No student will be allowed to stay without the proper approval.

Throughout the residential experience, the residence life staff will employ a holistic approach to programming to support students who are striving for a balanced lifestyle and wellness. Going to class is only part of the college experience. Living on campus provides opportunities for students to make friends, learn about other cultures, gain independence, have fun and grow as a person.

Campus Housing

Neumann Hall
Neumann Hall is located on the southeast end of campus, in front of the Tom and Michele Ridge Health and Safety Building and is connected to Miller Hall. Resident rooms are on the second, third and fourth floor, with male and female configurations separated by floor. Most rooms are double occupancy; a limited number are triples and quads. Students interested in single rooms may apply for a limited number of spaces available and will be charged a single room fee. Students have access to washers and dryers, free of charge.


  • Cable service (standard)
  • Phone service (on- campus and local; one jack)
  • Ethernet connections (one per student)
  • Wireless connection


  • Bed (one per student)
  • Desk and Chair (one set per student)
  • Dresser/Drawers (one per student)
  • Closet (one per student)

Redemptorist Hall
Redemptorist Hall is located on the northeast end of campus, behind the Tom and Michele Ridge Health and Safety Building. Known to students as “The Pods,” Redemptorist Hall is co-ed with males and females separated by floor. Each Pod is suite-style with three double-occupancy bedrooms, a common area and restroom facilities. Students have access to washers and dryers, free of charge.


  • Cable service (standard)
  •  Phone service (on- campus and local; one jack)
  • Ethernet connections (one per student)
  • Wireless connection
  • Mini refrigerator and microwave (One per Pod)


  • Bed (one per student)
  • Desk and Chair (one set per student)
  • Dresser/Drawers (one per student)
  • Closet (one per student)

On the northeast end of campus, the Townhouses are located behind the Tom and Michele Ridge Health and Safety Building. Each townhouse is designated as either a male or a female residence. Each has three double-occupancy bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, storage closet, linen closet and 1.5 baths. Students have access to washers and dryers, free of charge.


  • Cable service (standard)
  • Phone service (on- campus and local; one jack on first floor, one jack in each bedroom)
  • Ethernet connections (one on first floor; one per bedroom)
  • Wireless connection

Furnishings and Appliances

  • : Kitchen:(refrigerator, stove, sink, pantry)
  • Dining room:(table and four chairs)
  • Living room:(two sofas, two chairs)
  • Full bath:(toilet, shower/tub, vanity mirror with two sinks)
  • Half bath: (toilet, sink)
  • Bedrooms:(two twin standard beds, one desk, one chair, two dressers, shared closet)

Housing Assignments
In order to be assigned housing, students must return the contract, personal information sheet, and health forms. Students are given housing assignments based on date of materials received. The assignments are mailed to residential students in early August.

Roommate Requests
Students may request a specific roommate through the housing contract and personal information sheet. Only mutual requests will be honored (that is, both students must request to live with one another). Every attempt is made to honor each request; however, it is not guaranteed.

Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry provides spiritual presence and growth to the entire campus community. Liturgical celebrations are held Thursdays and holidays in St. Mary’s Chapel on campus. Schedules are available in the chapel. Services welcome students of all faiths. For more information contact:

Patricia Sullivan

Counseling and Wellness Services
The Counseling Center offers services to all students on the North East campus. It provides an opportunity for students to consult a counselor for guidance in dealing with academic, personal, social or relationship concerns. All services are held incomplete confidence. Appointments are made directly with the campus counselor who is a licensed psychologist. For more information contact:

James Beaulieu
814-725- 6136

Among the topics that are covered:

  • Time Management
  • Reducing Test Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Strategies to prepare for your more challenging courses
  • Recommendations to improve study techniques.
  • Concerns you may have about your academic situation.

Health Services
Mercyhurst University students have access to the Vineyard Primary Care adjacent to the campus on Pearl Street. Vineyard Primary Care provides “primary care” for ordinary illnesses and emergencies. Illnesses of a serious nature are referred to a local hospital and/or specialist for assessment and treatment. Students are responsible for all medical fees incurred and are strongly encouraged to have health insurance. Students may enroll in a student health insurance plan by contacting:

Carrie Jaco (Plan Representative)
Hubbard-Bert Inc.

Knowledge of limitations, provisions or requirements of personal health insurance is the responsibility of the student. Students with chronic health care needs should follow up with their primary health care providers.

A health record, including a complete immunization record, is required for all students upon entrance. Students who have completed a health form may use the Vineyard Primary Care facility. Students living on campus are required to fill out a health card, which also has emergency information contacts for use by the residence life staff and any appropriate university staff member.

Students are encouraged to have a copy of their parent’s insurance card if they are living on campus. When in doubt, the university will always contact an ambulance in an emergency or semi-emergency. If desired, students may contact EmergyCare Inc. at (814)870-9999 regarding membership information for their ambulance services.

Tobacco Free Policy
In keeping with the University’s commitment to provide a safe and healthy work environment, and consistent with Pennsylvania’s Clean Indoor Air Act, smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited at all times and at all locations on the Erie and North East campuses. This policy forbids the use of all nicotine, tobacco-derived or tobacco-containing products, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, hookah-smoked products, and all forms of oral tobacco.

The tobacco-free policy includes university-owned and leased facilities, properties, and grounds and extends to sidewalks adjacent to university buildings and grounds as well as personal vehicles on university property. This policy applies equally to all employees, students, visitors, vendors, contractors, and subcontractors


Degrees & Certificates
Course Descriptions