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English as a Second Language

Program Codes: ESL.UN

This program provides intensive language study for those whose native language is not English and are not yet proficient in academic English.

Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the Program will be able to:

  • Write using various rhetorical styles.
  • Analyze readings in English at the college freshman level.
  • Articulate questions and ideas using college level vocabulary and appropriate phonology.
  • Use English to interact effectively with a variety of audiences for a variety of purposes.
  • Recognize and apply appropriate cultural behavior including non-verbal behavior.
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Recommended Course Sequence

Below are required courses and recommended course groupings and sequences for program completion.

Courses may have prerequisite and corequisite requirements. Check course descriptions for details.

ESL Level 1 - Beginning

ESL Level 2 - Intermediate

ESL Level 3 - High Intermediate

ESL Level 4 - Advanced

ESL Level 5 - High Advanced

Total Credits 50

Contact Information

ESL, Languages and Cultures

Contact Name: Dr. Gary Abbott, department chair
Contact Phone: 732.906.2529
Contact Email: GAbbott@middlesexcc.edu or ESLC@middlesexcc.edu
Department Web: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/esl-languages-and-cultures/

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the English as a Second Language Program different from other ESL programs?

Students can study English full-time throughout the program.  In addition, starting at the High Intermediate level, they can study 10 hours in their ESL classes, plus they can add a non-ESL course to begin work towards their chosen major.   Students can be part-time and simply take one class, which would be five hours of instruction a week.

Can international students enroll in the ESL Program?

Yes. They may obtain an I-20 to study in this program and be admitted as a full-time student.

What is the application process for this program?

Students submit a completed application form with a $25 application fee to the Office of Admissions.   For the ESL Placement Test, applicants can visit the Testing Center in JLC 229.  Please check the hours on the Testing Center website.

What is the ESL Placement Exam?

It is a written test that takes approximately two hours to complete. The oral interview tests speaking and listening abilities. The written test measures grammar, writing and reading abilities.

Who is required to take the test and can TOEFL scores be used for placement?

Students who have taken ESL in a US high school must take the placement test.  In addition, students who have had prior education in an international school must also take the placement test.  Students with a four-year degree and a TOEFL score on the paper and pencil test of 550 or over or on the IBT test of 79 or over may be exempt from the grammar and reading parts of the placement test, but they are still required to take the essay and oral interview tests.

When is the test administered and is there a charge?

Students may take the ESL Placement Test Monday through Friday, but should check the Testing Center website for testing hours.   There is no charge for the test.

Can ESL students receive financial aid?

United States citizens and permanent residents may be eligible for financial aid but must declare a major.

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