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Midterm Grade Reports

Midterm Grade Reports

As part of a continuing effort to improve student success, faculty participate in Midterm Grade Reporting.  During the midterm reporting period each fall and spring semester, faculty can enter the WebAdvisor grading system and select from a group of codes that provide an indication of current student performance in their course.

Students will then be able to view their midterm reports through their WebAdvisor account.

There are three types of Mid-Term Reports:

  • S – Satisfactory (your grade ranges from an “A” to a “C”)
  • D – Below Average Achievement
  • F – Failure to Meet Objective

If you receive a “D” or “F” and you are unsure what to do, please visit the Academic Advising Center in West Hall or use your MCC e-mail account to email the Center at advising@middlesexcc.edu.

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