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AFS-123 - Introduction to African Civilizations
AFS-231 - African-American History
ART-104 - History of Photography
ART-105 - Introduction to Art
ART-115 - Survey of Non-Western Art
ART-120 - Survey of American Art
ART-123 - Art History: Ancient to Renaissance
ART-124 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART-125 - Art History: Modern and Contemporary
ASL-121 - American Sign Language I
ASL-122 - American Sign Language II
ASL-221 - Intermediate American Sign Language I
DAN-132 - Dance Appreciation
ENG-221 - English Literature I
ENG-222 - English Literature II
ENG-225 - World Literature I
ENG-226 - World Literature II
ENG-227 - Literature of Black America
ENG-228 - Modern British and American Poetry
ENG-233 - Introduction to the Novel
ENG-234 - Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG-239 - Women in Literature
ENG-243 - Literature of the U.S.: Beginnings to 1880
ENG-244 - Literature of the U.S.: 1880 to 1945
ENG-245 - Literature of the U.S.: World War II to Present
ENG-247 - Principles of Literary Study: Introduction to Poetry
ENG-248 - Introduction to Short Fiction
ENG-249 - Biography and Autobiography
ENG-253 - Mythology in Literature
ENG-254 - Literature and Film
ENG-255 - Introduction to Film
ENG-258 - Modern Dramatic Literature
ENG-262 - Cinema History
ENG-263 - Survey of American Cinema
ENG-264 - Survey of World Cinema
FRE-121 - Elementary French I
FRE-122 - Elementary French II
FRE-221 - Intermediate French I
FRE-222 - Intermediate French II
FRE-224 - Contemporary French Literature
FRE-228 - French Civilization and Culture
FRE-231 - French Conversation and Composition I
FRE-232 - French Conversation and Composition II
GER-121 - Elementary German I
GER-122 - Elementary German II
GER-221 - Intermediate German I
GER-222 - Intermediate German II
GER-224 - Modern German Literature
GER-228 - German Culture and Civilization
GER-231 - German Conversation and Composition I
GER-232 - German Conversation and Composition II
HIS-121 - History of Western Civilization I
HIS-122 - History of Western Civilization II
HIS-123 - History of Civilization in East Asia
HIS-124 - History of Civilization in the Third World
HIS-221 - United States History I
HIS-222 - United States History II
HIS-256 - History of the Twentieth Century
HIS-258 - History of Women
ITA-121 - Elementary Italian I
ITA-122 - Elementary Italian II
ITA-221 - Intermediate Italian I
ITA-222 - Intermediate Italian II
MUS-107 - Introduction to Music
MUS-123 - Music History: Traditional
MUS-124 - Music History: Contemporary
MUS-145 - Music Appreciation: Jazz History
PHI-121 - Philosophy
PHI-122 - Logic
PHI-123 - Ethics
SPA-121 - Elementary Spanish I
SPA-122 - Elementary Spanish II
SPA-210 - Spanish for Hispanics
SPA-221 - Intermediate Spanish I
SPA-222 - Intermediate Spanish II
SPA-223 - Main Currents in Hispanic Literature
SPA-224 - Contemporary Hispanic Literature
SPA-226 - Hispanic Civilization (Ibero-American)
SPA-228 - Spanish Civilization and Culture (Iberian)
SPA-231 - Spanish Conversation and Composition I
SPA-232 - Spanish Conversation and Composition II
THE-105 - Introduction to Theatre
THE-123 - Theatre History
THE-124 - Contemporary Theatre
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