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Integrated Developmental Reading and Writing

Integrated Developmental Reading and Writing

Course Code: ENG-096

Students engage in critical literacy practices to develop critical thinking, critical reading, and analytical writing and communication skills that are required in college-level classes. Coursework emphasizes the critical reading of a variety of texts and the synthesis and analysis of these texts through the writing process and use of multimodal writing and reading activities.

Department Description : English

  • Credit: 6.0 - 6.0
  • Lecture Hours: 6.0


Students whose Accuplacer placement test scores place them into Developmental Reading, Developmental English, and at least one Developmental Reading or Developmental English Support course can enroll in ENG-096. Successful completion of ENG-096 with a score of 70% or higher will lead to placement into ENG-121 with ENG-121S.

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