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History and Social Sciences

Liberal Arts - Philosophy

Program Code: LAPHI.AA
Associate in Arts Degree

This program provides graduates a foundation for lifelong intellectual development and college transfer following associate’s degree completion. A Liberal Arts degree also develops a set of critical thinking skills students may use over the course of their professional careers.

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Recommended Course Sequence

Below are required courses for program completion.

The program in Philosophy at Middlesex is concerned with some of the deepest and most difficult questions we can ask: questions about human nature and the meaning of life, the possibility and extent of knowledge, the existence of God, and morality and how we should live. Students of philosophy come to know some of the greatest thinkers in history, and acquire the ability to assess elaborate arguments and to form their own conclusions on difficult and important questions. Philosophy at Middlesex thus provides benefits that extend throughout life.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate their place in human culture and the global society from a multi-disciplinary perspective acquired through the study of the social sciences, humanities, history, natural sciences, mathematics, arts, and languages.
  • Summarize the thought of major philosophers.
  • Analyze major philosophical problems.
  • Synthesize ideas drawn from various sources.
  • Evaluate ideas in a fair and balanced way, both orally and in writing. 
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General Education Communication


General Education History

Take one of the two-course sequences below.  Must take both course in the chosen sequence.






General Education Humanities

Choose one course designated in the course descriptions as General Education Humanities (GE HUM). Choose two modern language courses in sequence from either: CHN, FRE, GER, HIN, ITA or SPA. For students who completed at least two years of high school study in one modern language, their level of language will be determined by a placement test (excluding SPA-242).

General Education Mathematics, Science and Technology

Students must take 12-15 credits in General Education Mathematics, Science, and Technology courses. Choose one or two science courses (GE MST), one or two math courses (GE MST) and one technology course, in consultation with an academic advisor. For the technology elective, choose either CSC-105 or CSC-106.

General Education Social Science

Choose courses designated in the course descriptions as General Education Social Science (GE SS).

Liberal Arts Electives


Choose one course designated in the course described as General Education Diversity (GE DIV).


Choose one course from the following areas: AFS, AGD, ART, ASL, BIO, CHM, CHN, CJU, COM, COR, CPT, DAN, DMA, EDU, ENG, FRE, FSC, GER, GLS, HCS, HED, HIN, HIS, IDC, ITA, JOU, LNC, MAD, MAT, MUS, PCP, PED, PHI, PHY, POL, POS, PSY, SCI, SOC, SPA, SPE, SSD and THE.


Students may satisfy this requirement with any HED or PED course.

Total Credits 61 - 66

Contact Information

Contact Name: Timothy Hack, department chair 
Contact Phone: 732.906.2590
Contact Email: HSS@middlesexcc.edu 
Department Web: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/history-social-science/

Frequently Asked Questions

Why study the Liberal Arts?

A Liberal Arts education helps students develop strong and ordered minds as they explore the world’s collected wisdom in literature, history, mathematics, science, philosophy and the arts. It teaches them to recognize and construct arguments, to appreciate diverse cultures and perspectives, and to have a sense of scholarship about the lives and events that have gone before. Liberal Arts emphasis on language helps students broaden their cultural perspective and become more aware of their own identity. Courses comprising a Liberal Arts education at Middlesex County College are the core of all liberal arts programs at the bachelor’s level. Students may select the general degree, the most flexible of all our Liberal Arts programs, or one of the many specialized options.

Are there any requirements that must be satisfied before taking courses in the major?

Algebra I is a prerequisite for all majors. Competency in Algebra I may be verified with a passing score on the College’s placement test or by completion of the appropriate course. Students must also have a grade of “C” or better in one year of high school laboratory science.

How long will it take to complete this degree?

Once students complete required developmental coursework (if any), the degree can be completed in two years of full-time study. Students may shorten the amount of degree completion time by taking courses in the summer and winter sessions.

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