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Computer Science

Computer Programming Certificate

Program Code: CSC.CER
Associate in Arts Degree

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Recommended Course Sequence

Below are required courses and recommended course groupings and sequences for program completion. Courses may have prerequisite and corequisite requirements. Check course descriptions for details.

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3 - 4

Recommended Computer Science Electives:

All students should consult a computer science advisor.

CSC-116 Introduction to Information Systems Security (credits 3)

CSC-211 Programming in JAVA (credits 4)

CSC-241 Web Programming (credits 4)

CSC-261 Information Technology Management (credits 3)


The following courses cannot be taken as electives: CSC-105, CSC-107, CSC-108, CSC 109, CSC 115, CSC 117, CSC 165








Total Credits 33 - 36

Contact Information

Contact Name: Aslihan Cakmak, Chairperson
Contact Phone: 732.906.2526
Contact Email: ACakmak@middlesexcc.edu
Department Web: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/business-and-computer-science

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