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Engineering and Technologies

Surveying Engineering Technology

Program Code: SET.AAS
Associate in Applied Science

Surveying Engineering Technology prepares students for employment in the land surveying field. Surveying involves mapping features of the land as well as property boundaries, and laying out construction lines and grades. It involves the use of computerized electronic equipment for land based as well as satellite assisted measurements, and the preparation of maps by computer aided design (CAD). Jobs in the field for those seeking immediate employment range from field crew member to CAD operator, and are typically found in surveying firms, consulting engineering firms, utility companies, and in the engineering departments of governmental agencies.

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Recommended Course Sequence

Below are required courses and recommended course groupings and sequences for program completion.

Courses may have prerequisite and corequisite requirements. Check course descriptions for details.

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Semester I


Choose one course designated in the course descriptions as General Education Humanities (GE HUM).


Students may satisfy this requirement with any HED or PED course.

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV


Choose one course designated in the course descriptions as General Education Social Science (GE SS).


Choose from the following:

CIT-125 Construction Estimating (Credits 2)

MGT-200 Principles of Supervision (Credits 3)

SBM-120 Small Business Management (Credits 3)

SCI-155 Introduction to Geology (Credits 4)

SCI-157 Introduction to Meteorology (Credits 4)

Total Credits 65 - 66

Contact Information

Contact Name: Associate Professor Thomas Sabol, department chair
Contact Phone: 732.906.2586
Contact Email: TSabol@middlesexcc.edu
Department Web: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/engineering-technologies/

Degrees & Certificates
Course Descriptions