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Business and Computer Science

Seminar in Entrepreneurial Studies

Course Code: SBM-250

Course Description : Enhances the working knowledge required to manage a small business, considering both domestic and global implications. Learn the differences between business ownership and entrepreneurship. Emphasizes the real world financing of entrepreneurship, mergers and acquisitions as they apply to current business practices. Students will go beyond the rudiments of "discovering a good business concept" to analyzing and developing a comprehensive plan to test the profitability potential of the venture. Using the business plan approach, students will conduct the research and investigation required to determine the viability of starting, buying or selling an existing business. Case studies will include in-depth financial analyses of successful businesses.

Department Description : Accounting, Business and Legal Studies

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 3
  • Lab Hours: 0


BUS-101, SBM-110, SBM-120, SBM-130 and SBM-210 or written permission of the department chairperson

Co requisites:

SBM 230

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