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Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Clinical Practicum in Psychosocial Rehabilitation I

Course Code: PSR-210

Course Description : This course builds on the knowledge that students obtained in previous PSR courses, including basic information about severe mental illness, program models, communication techniques and group skills. The course enables students to identify and begin to practice common interventions used in psychiatric rehabilitation settings. Classroom lectures, as well as topical and informal discussions will provide students with the opportunity to integrate theory with the practical experience gained at their field placements. In addition to attending a three hour seminar style class, students will spend 240 hours interning at a psychosocial rehabilitation program.

Department Description : Psychosocial Rehabilitation

  • Credit: 6 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 3


PSR-101, PSR-102, PSR-103 and PSR-104

Field Experience :

16 (Clinical Practicum Hours)

Degrees & Certificates
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