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Survey of Great Cinema Directors

Course Code: ENG-265

Course Description : This study of the director-the basis and explanations of his/her creative process-offers a critical approach to studying the relationship between the personal, theoretical, social and historical elements in creating art, specifically motion pictures. This course surveys the great cinema directors, whose body of work has elevated film to the level of art, affording them the title of "auteur". Each has made a noteworthy, enduring and influential contribution to the development of film and the film industry. Each has directed a consistent body of work with a number of great movies, displays his/her own original style that has influenced other directors, and displays his/her own personal stamp that cuts across films, genres and decades.

Department Description : English

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 3
  • Lab Hours: 0


ENG-122 or written permission of the department chairperson

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