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Visual, Performing and Media Arts

Typography for Web Design

Course Code: DMA-219

Course Description : This course offers a general overview of typography with a particular emphasis on use of typography in web publishing. Topics include type history, type anatomy, font identification, readability, grid systems, hierarchy, spacing and scaling, and type as image. While based on traditional typographic principles, web typography differs in software tools used and in strategies for organization and usability consistent across browser platforms. Typographic principles are stressed in terms of screen readability, navigation, organization, and editability. A variety of web development tools are used to apply the principles covered in this class, including basic HTML and CSS coding for text formatting.

Department Description : Visual, Performing and Media Arts

  • Credit: 3 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 1
  • Lab Hours: 4


MAD-113 and MAD-118

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