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Dental Hygiene

Local Anesthesia and Pain Control

Course Code: DHY-218

Course Description : This course is designed to prepare the student to administer local anesthesia to patients for pain management during the course of dental treatment. Instruction includes the anatomy of the head and neck, pharmacology of anesthetic and analgesic agents, patient preevaluation, injection techniques, recognition of adverse patient reactions and management of emergency procedures. The laboratory component includes the administrations of local anesthesia to laboratory partners. Successful course completion prepares the student for the North East Regional Board examination on the administration of local anesthesia and eligibility to apply for a New Jersey Board of Dentistry local anesthesia permit.

Department Description : Dental Auxiliaries Education

  • Credit: 2 - 0
  • Lecture Hours: 1
  • Lab Hours: 2


DHY 105, DHY-208, DHY-211

Co requisites:

DHY 212

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